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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
03/15/2018Senior Research Development Assistant155255CoE Office of AdvancementAnn Arbor Campus
03/16/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare155235Department of RadiologyAnn Arbor Campus
03/14/2018Customer Service Rep Inter155197Univ Parking Svcs-Central CampAnn Arbor Campus
03/14/2018Administrative Assistant Sr155174Naval Arch & Marine DeptAnn Arbor Campus
03/14/2018Administrative Assistant Intermediate155161Magnetic Resonance Imaging FacAnn Arbor Campus
03/16/2018Admin Manager Assoc Healthcare155148UMH Radiology UHMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/13/2018Admin Asst Inter Healthcare155142Emergency MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
03/13/2018Research Administrative Associate155106Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/13/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare155097Obstetrics and Gynecology DeptAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Administrative Assistant Intermediate155095School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Admin Specialist Assoc Health155091Internal Medicine DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Call Center Rep Assoc155086UMH Ypsilanti Health CenterMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/12/2018Administrative Assistant Inter155085Consulting for Statistics, ComAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Admin Asst Senior / Intermediate Healthcare155084UMH CVICU APTMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/12/2018BI Analyst Senior155053HITS Reporting & AnalyticsMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/12/2018BI Analyst Senior155052HITS Reporting & AnalyticsMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/09/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare155041Surgery DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/09/2018Project Coordinator155040Dbn Office of Metro ImpactDearborn Campus
03/09/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare155039Family MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
03/09/2018Admin Specialist Assoc Health155029Patient ExperienceMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/09/2018BI Analyst Associate155007School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
03/13/2018Admin Specialist Inter Health155003Human Genetics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Call Center Rep Assoc154984UMH MedSport Dominos TechMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/13/2018Admin Specialist Assoc Health154979Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/07/2018Weiser Hall Conference Coordinator154902LSA Dean: FacilitiesAnn Arbor Campus
03/07/2018Administrative Assistant Senior154882Ofc Provost & Exec VP Acad AffAnn Arbor Campus
03/06/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare154870UrologyAnn Arbor Campus
03/06/2018Division Administrator - Gastroenterology154861Internal Medicine DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/06/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare154850Clinical Quality & Training AdMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/08/2018Admin Asst Inter Healthcare154841Psychiatry Admin-CentralAnn Arbor Campus
03/05/2018Strategic Planner Inter Health154776UMH Health System PlanningMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/02/2018Information Coordinator154736Duderstadt Ctr AdminAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Craniofacial Anomalies Program Coordinator154693CW Ped Plastic/Oral Surg LVL 3Michigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/02/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare154690Otorhinolaryngology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/01/2018Advancement Events Assistant154668LSA Dean: AdvancementAnn Arbor Campus
03/01/2018Public Relations Rep Senior154650LSA Dean: AdvancementAnn Arbor Campus
03/05/2018Student Services Coordinator154631LSA DAASAnn Arbor Campus
02/28/2018Event Associate, Guest Relations and Support154601Univ. & Development EventsAnn Arbor Campus
02/27/2018Student Program Coordinator154563ROSS SCH Tauber InstituteAnn Arbor Campus
02/27/2018Product Manager154543VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
02/27/2018Admin Asst Inter Healthcare154521Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
02/23/2018Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs154429Flint VC Campus Inclu-Std LifeFlint Campus
02/22/2018Call Center Rep Inter154297UMH Dominos Allergy ClinicMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/05/2018CHIRP Program Coordinator154166CW Peds Intestinal FailureMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
02/19/2018Executive Secretary154089Materials Science & Engin.Ann Arbor Campus
02/20/2018Director, Women's Educational Center (WEC) and Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC)154084Flint VC Campus Inclu-Std LifeFlint Campus
02/14/2018Admin Specialist Senior Healthcare153935Int Med-GastroenterologyAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Guest Services Specialist153928Michigan Medicine Guest ServicAnn Arbor Campus
03/14/2018Special Assistant to the Provost for Research Development & Business Engagement153524Flint ProvostFlint Campus
03/16/2018Administrative Assistant Intermediate Healthcare153500UMH Anesthesia CRNA - UHMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
02/16/2018Project Senior Manager153459Obstetrics and Gynecology DeptAnn Arbor Campus
03/01/2018Call Center Rep Inter / Assoc153422UMH-Int Med Call CenterMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/16/2018Project Senior Manager153183Economic Growth InstituteAnn Arbor Campus
01/31/2018Assistant Director152887Dbn CASL-Natural SciencesDearborn Campus
03/14/2018Administrative Assistant Inter152879Biomedical EngineeringAnn Arbor Campus
03/13/2018Student Admin Asst Sr152384LSA MathematicsAnn Arbor Campus
03/12/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare152122Patient ExperienceMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/07/2018Project Senior Manager Underfill Project Intermediate Manager152001UMH Amb Care AdminMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/05/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare151640CW Nursing Peds/PerinatalMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
02/14/2018Instructional Consultant at CRLT: Focus on Biological, Physical, and Health Sciences150630Ctr for Res on Learn & TeachAnn Arbor Campus
11/16/2017Call Center Rep Inter / Assoc - Brighton Center for Specialty Care150442BCSC CoreMichigan Medicine - Health Sys

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