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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
04/27/2017Patient Relations Coordinator141036Patient RelationsMichigan Medicine
04/27/2017Admin Asst Sr Healthcare139869Pediatrics-EndocrinologyAnn Arbor Campus
04/27/2017Patient Services Assistant141014UMH Gold Cancer CenterMichigan Medicine
04/25/2017Patient Services Associate (TEMP)140951UMH Cancer Center RADMichigan Medicine
04/25/2017Patient Services Assistant140929UMH Int Med Pod D - TechMichigan Medicine
04/25/2017Patient Services Assistant138734UMH Canton Health CenterMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017Patient Services Assistant, Equipment135323UMH Home Med AdminMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017Admin Manager Assoc Healthcare140767Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
04/24/2017Patient Services Assistant138560UMH Emergency DepartmentMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017Specialty Pharmacy Patient Business Associate140733Ambulatory PharmacyMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Patient Services Assistant UH OR Front Desk140783UMH Oper Rooms - Univ HospitalMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Patient Services Associate, West Ann Arbor - Parkland Plaza140786WAA RadiologyMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Patient Services Assistant140809UMH CVC ClinicMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Patient Services Assistant- UH Surgery Reception140779UMH Post Anes Care Unit - UHMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Clinic Office Manager140784UMH Facial Cosmetic Surg ProfMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Patient Services Associate, West Ann Arbor - Parkland Plaza140787WAA RadiologyMichigan Medicine
04/20/2017Patient Services Assistant140709UMH Emergency DepartmentMichigan Medicine
04/20/2017Patient Services Assistant140703UMH Blue Cancer CenterMichigan Medicine
04/19/2017NURSING SUPERVISOR (University Hospital Operating Room)140641UMH Oper Rooms - Univ HospitalMichigan Medicine
04/19/2017Patient Services Assistant137116UMH Med Proc Unit - TechMichigan Medicine
04/19/2017Frankel CVC Patient Flow Coordinator140605UMH Frankel CVC AdministrationMichigan Medicine
04/19/2017Patient Services Associate140638UMH Ophthy Pediatric Clinic-PRMichigan Medicine
04/18/2017Patient Services Intermediate140343UMH CVC ClinicMichigan Medicine
04/18/2017Patient Services Assistant140501UMH Northville CoreOther MI Location
04/18/2017NURSE MANAGER (Mott Children's Hospital-PACU)140618CW Training & Education MottMichigan Medicine
04/17/2017Call Center Representative Associate140516UMH Anes Back & Pain CtrMichigan Medicine
04/17/2017Chief Dept Administrator Hlth140546Molec & Integrative PhysiologyAnn Arbor Campus
04/14/2017Patient Services Assistant140433UMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PROMichigan Medicine
04/14/2017Admin Manager Intermediate Healthcare140369UMH MEND at Domino's FarmsMichigan Medicine
04/13/2017Senior Director, Mary A. Rackham Institute140303Graduate School AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
04/13/2017Marketing Communications Specialist140345CW Mott AdministrationMichigan Medicine
04/07/2017Patient Services Assistant139941UMH Livonia Family MedicineOther MI Location
04/05/2017Patient Services Associate- Cornea Clinic140002UMH Ophthy Cornea Clinic-PROMichigan Medicine
04/04/2017Administrative Dir Healthcare139905Patient ExperienceMichigan Medicine
04/04/2017HR Specialist (TEMP)137458UMHS Shared Human ResourcesMichigan Medicine
04/03/2017Senior Administrative Manager of Inpatient and Outpatient Clinical Documentation Improvement139885UMH- HIM AdministrationMichigan Medicine
04/03/2017CHIEF NURSING OFFICER (University Hospital & Frankel Cardiovascular Center- UH / CVC)137065UH CVC AdministrationMichigan Medicine
03/30/2017Manager, Revenue / Charge Integrity138263UMHS Rev Cycle (PTO)Michigan Medicine
03/28/2017Patient Services Associate139538Pediatrics-Develop.-BehavioralAnn Arbor Campus
03/27/2017Manager, Surveys Group139513UMH QI Customer SatisfactionMichigan Medicine
03/06/2017Clinic Lead, West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza138530WAA-PP CoreMichigan Medicine
03/06/2017Clinic Lead, West Ann Arbor-Parkland Plaza138531WAA-PP CoreMichigan Medicine
03/02/2017SENIOR DIRECTOR (Care Management)138493UMH Nursing AdministrationMichigan Medicine
02/27/2017Manager, Nurse Practitioner (NP) Cardiovascular Center (CVC) & University Hospital (UH)128131UHM RN Adv Practice AdminMichigan Medicine
01/23/2017NURSE MANAGER (Multiple Ambulatory Care Units)136207UMH ACS Nursing CareMichigan Medicine
01/19/2017ADMIN ASST (TEMP)136627HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsMultiple Locations
01/13/2017NURSE MANAGER: Interventional Radiology136415UMH Radiology UHMichigan Medicine
12/16/2016NURSE MANAGER (Mott Children's Hospital-12 West, Pediatric Medical / Surgical Unit)132242CW Nursing Peds/PerinatalMichigan Medicine
12/16/2016NURSE MANAGER (Mott Children's Hospital-7 East, Pediatric Cancer Unit)135512CW Nursing Peds/PerinatalMichigan Medicine
11/02/2016Director of Social Work and Spiritual Care133677UMH Nursing AdministrationMichigan Medicine
10/03/2016STAFF SPECIALIST- University Hospital (Support for Director of Nursing and Patient Care Services )132305UMH Nursing Surgical AdminMichigan Medicine

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