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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
04/27/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Ambulatory Care, Decentralized Float)139493Ambulatory Care ServicesMichigan Medicine
04/27/2017REGISTERED NURSE-Cardiovascular Center (Heart Failure Program)139865UMH CVM Disease ManagementMichigan Medicine
04/27/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Ambulatory Care, Ypsilanti Health Center)138841UMH Ypsilanti Health CenterMichigan Medicine
04/27/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Decentralized Float: Infusion Centers)139435UMH EAA Health Infusion CtrMichigan Medicine
04/25/2017REGISTERED NURSE-University Hospital (Adult Emergency Services)138542UMH Emergency DepartmentMichigan Medicine
04/25/2017REGISTERED NURSE: STAFF NURSE (TEMP) Kellogg Eye Center- PACU140922UH-Operating Rooms KECMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital-8B Medical Telemetry Unit)140833UMH 8B2 Gen Med-TelemetryMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Ambulatory Care, Brighton Health Center)140836UMH Brighton Health CenterMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital, Trauma Burn ICU)139854UMH Trauma Burn ICUMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital-8A Oncology Acute Care Unit)140851UMH 8A3-Onc Acute CareMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Vascular Access Team-Pediatric Core)140855UMH Vascular Services OverheadMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Ambulatory Care-Taubman Adult General Medicine Clinic)140877UMH Gen Med Taubman 3B ProMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Ambulatory Care- Cardiovascular Medicine Special Programs)139234UMH CVM Disease ManagementMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Mott Children's Hospital-Children's Emergency Services)140846CW Children's Emergency SvcMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital-8A Oncology Acute Care Unit)140853UMH 8A3-Onc Acute CareMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital, Trauma Burn ICU)140153UMH Trauma Burn ICUMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Vascular Access Team-Pediatric Core)140856UMH Vascular Services OverheadMichigan Medicine
04/24/2017Advanced Practice Professional (Nurse Practitioner) Wound Care Clinic at Domino's Farms140678UMH DF Wound Care ClinicMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital- SWAT Team)140765UMH Nursing - SWATMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Advanced Practice Professional (Nurse Practitioner) General Surgery140624UMH Gen Surg Clinic - TechMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital, Surgical Short Stay Unit )140758Surgical Short Stay UnitMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017Licensed Practical Nurse140789UMH Path O/P PhlebotomyMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Ambulatory Care, Outpatient Hemodialysis Clinic -Ann Arbor)139543UMH Chronic Hemodial - TechMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital-8B Medical / Telemetry Acute Care Unit)140834UMH 8B2 Gen Med-TelemetryMichigan Medicine
04/21/2017REGISTERED NURSE (University Hospital-7A, Adult General Medicine / Telemetry Unit)140637UMH 7A-1Michigan Medicine
04/20/2017REGISTERED NURSE- (University Hospital-8C, General Medical Unit)139208UMH 8C General Surgery/MedMichigan Medicine
04/20/2017REGISTERED NURSE- (University Hospital-8C, General Medical Unit)139207UMH 8C General Surgery/MedMichigan Medicine
04/19/2017NURSING SUPERVISOR (University Hospital Operating Room)140641UMH Oper Rooms - Univ HospitalMichigan Medicine
04/18/2017REGISTERED NURSE: STAFF NURSE (TEMP) Cardiovascular Center - PACU138737UMH PACU - CVCMichigan Medicine
04/18/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Ambulatory Care, Transplant Center: Dual-Unit Float)139968UMH - TC - Transplant ClinicMichigan Medicine
04/18/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Cardiovascular Center- Cardiac Procedures Unit)137250UMH Electrophysio TechnicalMichigan Medicine
04/17/2017LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE (Ambulatory Care, West Ann Arbor Health Center: Parkland Plaza)140428UMH West Ann Arbor Health CtrMichigan Medicine
04/17/2017NURSE SUPERVISOR- Regional Alliance Healthy Schools (Flint, MI)137410RAHS FLINT Network SitesMichigan Medicine
04/14/2017CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST (CNS) Dept. of Operating Rooms (OR) and Post Anesthesia Care Units (PACU)140470CW Post Anes Care Unit - MottMichigan Medicine
04/11/2017STAFF NURSE (TEMP)-University Hospital (Surgical Short Stay Unit)136448Surgical Short Stay UnitMichigan Medicine
04/07/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Cardiovascular Center Operating Room)137194UMH Operating Rooms - CVCMichigan Medicine
04/06/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Mott Children's Hospital-Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic Unit - PCTU)139074CW 10W - PCTUMichigan Medicine
04/03/2017RN CASE MANAGER134379Care Managment OverheadMichigan Medicine
04/03/2017RN CASE MANAGER129677Care Managment OverheadMichigan Medicine
04/03/2017Advanced Practice Professional (Nurse Practitioner) CVC Clinics: Comprehensive Stroke Program139847UMH CVC ClinicMichigan Medicine
04/03/2017CHIEF NURSING OFFICER (University Hospital & Frankel Cardiovascular Center- UH / CVC)137065UH CVC AdministrationMichigan Medicine
04/01/2017Advanced Practice Professional (Nurse Practitioner) Comprehensive Cancer Center: Team Blue139765UMH Blue Cancer CenterMichigan Medicine
03/27/2017STAFF NURSE TEMP-Central Staffing Resources (Specialty Cluster Interventional Radiology)139486Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
03/27/2017REGISTERED NURSE- University Hospital (Central Staffing Resource- Pediatric Acute Care Cluster)139524Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
03/24/2017REGISTERED NURSE TEMP: Cardiovascular Center-Cardiac Procedures Unit (ECHO)139451UMH Echocardio TechicalMichigan Medicine
03/20/2017STAFF NURSE (TEMP)-Central Staffing Resources (Adult General Care Cluster)139230Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
03/17/2017CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST (CNS) Mott Children's Hospital-12 West, Pediatric Medical / Surgical Unit137895CW Nursing Peds/PerinatalMichigan Medicine
03/17/2017Nurse Practitioner (NP) Adult Consult Liaison Service - Department of Psychiatry137171UMH Psych Adult I/PMichigan Medicine
03/13/2017Advanced Practice Professional (Nurse Practitioner) Pediatric Cardiac Surgery135123CW Cardiac Surg OR/FI CoverMichigan Medicine
03/07/2017STAFF NURSE (TEMP) - University Hospital (8A Oncology Acute Care Unit)138657UMH 8A3-Onc Acute CareMichigan Medicine
03/02/2017SENIOR DIRECTOR (Care Management)138493UMH Nursing AdministrationMichigan Medicine
02/27/2017Manager, Nurse Practitioner (NP) Cardiovascular Center (CVC) & University Hospital (UH)128131UHM RN Adv Practice AdminMichigan Medicine
02/21/2017STAFF NURSE (TEMP) University Hospital-9C, Adult Psychiatry138027UMH Nsg 9CMichigan Medicine
02/17/2017REGISTERED NURSE-University Hospital (Central Staffing Resources, Adult Critical Care)137919Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
02/08/2017LICENSED PRACTICAL NURSE- University Hospital (6A Rehabilitation Unit)137505UMH Nursing 6AMichigan Medicine
02/06/2017REGISTERED NURSE (Mott Children's Hospital, Pediatric Cardio-Thoracic Unit - PCTU)128683CW 10W - PCTUMichigan Medicine
01/31/2017Advanced Practice Professional (NP) (TEMP) Inpatient Pediatric Hematology / Oncology / BMT133767CW Midlvl Prvd Staff Sal/BenMichigan Medicine
01/23/2017NURSE MANAGER (Multiple Ambulatory Care Units)136207UMH ACS Nursing CareMichigan Medicine
12/30/2016STAFF NURSE (TEMP)-University Hospital (Central Staffing Resources, Pediatric Critical Care Cluster)135871Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
12/30/2016REGISTERED NURSE-University Hospital, Central Staffing Resource (Pediatric Critical Care Cluster)135874CW CSR PedsMichigan Medicine
12/30/2016REGISTERED NURSE- (University Hospital Central Staffing Resources, Adult General Care Cluster)135878Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
12/30/2016REGISTERED NURSE- (University Hospital Central Staffing Resources, Adult General Care Cluster)135880Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
12/30/2016REGISTERED NURSE-University Hospital, Central Staffing Resource (Pediatric Critical Care Cluster)135873CW CSR PedsMichigan Medicine
12/30/2016STAFF NURSE (TEMP) University Hospital (Central Staffing Resource, Pediatric Acute Care Cluster)135875Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
12/30/2016REGISTERED NURSE- (University Hospital Central Staffing Resources, Adult General Care Cluster)135879Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine
10/03/2016STAFF SPECIALIST- University Hospital (Support for Director of Nursing and Patient Care Services )132305UMH Nursing Surgical AdminMichigan Medicine
06/03/2016REGISTERED NURSE-University Hospital (Central Staffing Resources-Adult Telemetry Cluster)126658Central Staffing ResourceMichigan Medicine

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