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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
04/24/2017OFFICE CLERK (WORK STUDY ONLY)140691Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
04/24/2017Office Assistant140818Flint School of ManagementFlint Campus
04/24/2017Chemistry Laboratory Assistant140462Flint Dept of Chem/BiochemFlint Campus
04/24/2017International Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator (Temp)140835Flint International CenterFlint Campus
04/24/2017ADMIN ASST (TEMP)140574Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
04/21/2017ASST IN RESEARCH (TEMP)140806Flint University OutreachFlint Campus
04/21/2017REC BLDG SUPERVISOR (TEMP)140798Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
04/20/2017Teacher140391Flint ECDCFlint Campus
04/20/2017LEO Lecturer I140421Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
04/20/2017LEO Lecturer I140480Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/20/2017Mentor Teacher137760Flint ECDCFlint Campus
04/20/2017LEO Lecturer I-Art Therapy140189Flint Art & Art HistoryFlint Campus
04/20/2017LEO Lecturer I-Math140275Flint MathematicsFlint Campus
04/19/2017CLERK A (TEMP)140635Flint Event & Bldg ServicesFlint Campus
04/19/2017PROGRAM ASST EHS INTERN (TEMP)140448Flint Environment Hlth&SafetyFlint Campus
04/19/2017LIBRARY ASST B (TEMP)140538Flint LibraryFlint Campus
04/14/2017OFFICE ASSISTANT (WORK STUDY)140310Flint Financial Svcs & BudgetFlint Campus
04/14/2017ADMIN ASST (TEMP)138719Flint NursingFlint Campus
04/13/2017WEC Peer Educator140291Flint Women's Educational CtrFlint Campus
04/13/2017UM Credit Union (TEMP) Summer Student Member Service Representative140287Flint Event & Bldg ServicesFlint Campus
04/11/2017Assistant to Assoc Director of Clinical Education140028Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/10/2017ITS Technician (TEMP)140163Flint ITSFlint Campus
04/10/2017GRADER I (TEMP)140132Flint Comp Science, Eng and PhFlint Campus
04/10/2017LEO Lecturer I (NUR 763 - Fall 2017)139992Flint NursingFlint Campus
04/06/2017LEO Lecturer I139636Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/06/2017LEO Lecturer I139676Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/06/2017LEO Intermittent Lecturer139596Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/06/2017LEO Intermittent Lecturer139630Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/06/2017LEO Lecturer I139678Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/06/2017ASSISTANT PROFESSOR139661Flint NursingFlint Campus
04/06/2017LEO Lecturer I139691Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/06/2017ASSISTANT PROFESSOR139666Flint NursingFlint Campus
04/05/2017LIFEGUARD (TEMP)140012Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
04/05/2017EBS STUDENT BUILDING MANAGER (TEMP / WORK STUDY)139970Flint Event & Bldg ServicesFlint Campus
04/03/2017Admissions Assistant Director136921Flint Admissions & RecruitmentFlint Campus
03/31/2017LEO Lecturer I-Foreign Language Instruction139328Flint Foreign LanguageFlint Campus
03/28/2017CLERK A (TEMP) Admissions Ambassador139505Flint Admissions & RecruitmentFlint Campus
03/20/2017CLERK B (Work Study)139184Flint Alumni RelationsFlint Campus
03/17/2017LEO Lecturer I-Art History139045Flint Art & Art HistoryFlint Campus
03/17/2017LEO Lecturer I-Design139039Flint Art & Art HistoryFlint Campus
03/17/2017Conference Assistant139122Flint Riverfront Residence HalFlint Campus
03/16/2017Clerical Office Assistant (Work study)139088Flint CASFlint Campus
03/10/2017Program Director137876Flint ECDCFlint Campus
03/09/2017Supplemental Instruction Leader (Temp)138565Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
03/09/2017Tutor II (Temp)138564Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
03/06/2017Rec Center Staff (TEMP)138570Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
03/06/2017Central Administrator137844Flint ECDCFlint Campus
03/01/2017LEO Lecturer I138282Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
03/01/2017LEO Lecturer I138269Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
02/22/2017RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP) - CSC, EGR, PHY137720Flint Comp Science, Eng and PhFlint Campus
02/08/2017CLERK B (WORK STUDY / TEMP)137373Flint ECDCFlint Campus
02/06/2017Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards136992Flint AVC Dean of StudentsFlint Campus
02/06/2017Assoc Professor and Coordinator of Pediatric Post-Professional Certificate and Residency Program136982Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
02/06/2017ASST DIR ACAD PROGRAM136932Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
01/26/2017CLINICAL ASST PROF136642Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
01/26/2017Asst Professor136636Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
01/18/2017ADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURER - NUR 529-W3 (Spring 2017)136463Flint NursingFlint Campus
12/20/2016TEACHER (Substitute - Temp)135588Flint ECDCFlint Campus
12/13/2016LEO Lecturer I135054Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus

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