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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
01/18/2017ADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURER - NUR 529-W3 (Spring 2017)136463Flint NursingFlint Campus
01/10/2018DEEP Program Tutor (Temp)152398Flint Office of K12 PartnrshiFlint Campus
02/13/2018Area Coordinator, Residential Life151908Flint 1st Street ResidenceFlint Campus
01/18/2018CUSTODIAN I (TEMP)152840Flint Facilities & OperationsFlint Campus
04/26/2018REC BLDG SUPERVISOR (TEMP)156975Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
04/25/2018PRINTING SERVICES ASST (TEMP)156793Flint Printing ServicesFlint Campus
04/06/2018Program Manager-Student Involvement and Leadership155906Flint Std Involvement & LdrshpFlint Campus
04/26/2018Area Coordinator, Residential Life156823Flint 1st Street ResidenceFlint Campus
04/25/2018GRAD STU INSTR - PTP 746156342Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/26/2018Youth Basketball Camp Counselor (TEMP)156509Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
03/21/2018LEO Lecturer I -PTP 770154737Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/19/2018CLERK B (WORK STUDY / TEMP)156129Flint ECDCFlint Campus
01/30/2018LEO Lecturer I153101Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
04/11/2018Director, Women's Educational Center (WEC) and Ellen Bommarito LGBTQ Center (EBC)154084Flint VC Campus Inclu-Std LifeFlint Campus
04/09/2018Associate Director of Housing and Guest Services155858Flint 1st Street ResidenceFlint Campus
03/21/2018LEO Lecturer I - PTP 625154764Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/13/2018ACCOUNTANT (TEMP) INTERNSHIP156419Flint Financial Svcs & BudgetFlint Campus
04/17/2018Stroke Ready Peer Health Educator (TEMP)156449Neurology DepartmentFlint Campus
04/19/2018ASST IN RESEARCH (UROP) - SPR-SUM 2018156583Flint Off of Res & Sponsor PgmFlint Campus
04/06/2018Disability Services Coordinator155529Flint VC Campus Inclu-Std LifeFlint Campus
04/23/2018Spring / Summer Front Desk Assistant (TEMP)154684Flint Riverfront Residence HalFlint Campus
03/21/2018LEO Lecturer I -PTP 602 ST-LI154594Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
02/23/2018Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs154429Flint VC Campus Inclu-Std LifeFlint Campus
04/06/2018LEO Lecturer I155707Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
04/06/2018Rec Center Staff (TEMP)155991Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
02/06/2018LIFEGUARD (TEMP)153237Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
04/26/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP) - Tonietto RCAC156993Flint BiologyFlint Campus
03/14/2018Associate / Assistant Professor154770Flint Social WorkFlint Campus
04/10/2018ASST IN RESEARCH (SURE) - SUMMER 2018156293Flint Off of Res & Sponsor PgmFlint Campus
03/20/2018LEO Lecturer I155165Flint MathematicsFlint Campus
04/18/2018Admissions Counselor Detroit-Chicago155741Flint Admissions & RecruitmentFlint Campus
04/25/2018EBS STUDENT BUILDING MANAGER (TEMP / WORK STUDY)156607Flint Event & Bldg ServicesFlint Campus
04/25/2018CUSTODIAN II (TEMP)156815Flint Fac Op-Custodial SvcsFlint Campus
04/26/2018REC BLDG SUPERVISOR II (TEMP)156997Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
03/06/2018Supplemental Instruction Leader (Temp)154832Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
04/13/2018Front Desk Receptionist - WORK STUDY or TEMPORARY156439Flint Human ResourcesFlint Campus
03/21/2018LEO Lecturer I -PTP 746154590Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
04/26/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)156684Flint Comp Science, Eng and PhFlint Campus
04/20/2018TUTOR I (Work Study Only)156660Flint Financial AidFlint Campus
04/05/2018Tutor II (Temp)155920Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
04/25/2018Applications Programmer / Analyst Intermediate156378Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
04/26/2018International Admissions and Recruitment Coordinator (Temp)156969Flint International CenterFlint Campus
04/24/2018Note Taker (TEMP) Spring / Summer156813Flint AVC Student SuccessFlint Campus
04/06/2018Associate Director-Student Involvement and Leadership155903Flint Std Involvement & LdrshpFlint Campus
04/06/2018LEO Lecturer I155708Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
03/29/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator155786Emergency Medicine ResearchFlint Campus
04/25/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)156864Flint EnglishFlint Campus
04/25/2018Research Assistant156839Flint School of ManagementFlint Campus
03/27/2018UM Credit Union (TEMP) Summer Student Member Service Representative155632Flint Northbank CenterFlint Campus
04/25/2018Office Assistant (Workstudy / Temporary)156633Flint Event & Bldg ServicesFlint Campus
04/24/2018LEO Lecturer III in Management156390Flint School of ManagementFlint Campus
03/21/2018LEO Lecturer I -PTP 602 BA-LI154596Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
03/21/2018LEO Lecturer I -PTP 830154742Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
02/26/2018OFFICE ASSISTANT (WORK STUDY TEMP)154433Flint PsychologyFlint Campus

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