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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
03/08/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer89283School of Social WorkAnn Arbor Campus
12/22/2017LEO Intermittent Lecturer / LEO Lecturer I106113School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
09/22/2015CUSTODIAN I (TEMP)115989Building ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/09/2016RES ASSOC II (TEMP)134664Naval Arch & Marine DeptAnn Arbor Campus
01/04/2017Course Advocate135960VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
10/23/2017LABORER GENERAL (TEMP)149345F&O SustainabilityAnn Arbor Campus
01/15/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR-CLINICAL PROFESSOR152534Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
08/25/2017Evening Operations Assistant146587Library Operations - S & DLAnn Arbor Campus
08/25/2017Evening Operations Assistant146618Library Operations - S & DLAnn Arbor Campus
03/08/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer146641School of Social WorkAnn Arbor Campus
02/01/2017MEDICAL ASSISTANT (TEMP)137190HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsAnn Arbor Campus
10/18/2017LABORER GENERAL (TEMP)149164HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsAnn Arbor Campus
02/08/2017LABORER GENERAL (TEMP)137479HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Perioperative Research Assistant144392Anesthesiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
01/15/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR-CLINICAL PROFESSOR152535Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/11/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR-CLINICAL PROFESSOR150212Psychiatry DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/15/2018Clinical Instructor- Clinical Professor148793Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
01/16/2018Clinical Instructor - Clinical Professor152684Physical Medicine & Rehab DeptAnn Arbor Campus
10/23/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR-CLINICAL PROFESSOR153040Psychiatry DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/11/2018ASST PROFESSOR - PROFESSOR154588Psychiatry DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/15/2018App Programmer / Analyst Sr153155MICHR - OperationsAnn Arbor Campus
10/18/2018Clinical Neuropsychologist158932Mary Rackham Inst Central OffAnn Arbor Campus
05/14/2018Genomics / Epigenomics of Aging Skin Faculty Position (Tenure Track)157696Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
08/07/2018ASST PROFESSOR - PROFESSOR156619Psychiatry DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
05/25/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)158222Space Physics Research LabAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018RESEARCH FELLOW153680Anesthesiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
03/09/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR-CLINICAL PROFESSOR154959Psychiatry DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018Statistician Senior159444Int Med-NephrologyAnn Arbor Campus
08/22/2018RESEARCH FELLOW160631Int Med-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018RESEARCH FELLOW157814Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
02/01/2018CUSTODIAN I (TEMP)153349Building ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Histotechnologist160416Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018RESEARCH ASST PROFESSOR155799School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
04/04/2018RESEARCH FELLOW156015Molecular & Behav Neurosc InstAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018RESEARCH FELLOW159660Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
08/07/2018Groundskeeper (Temp)159723Grounds ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
06/29/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)159769Space Physics Research LabAnn Arbor Campus
07/11/2018FOOD SVC WORKER (TEMP)160150MI Dining - AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
09/14/2018ASST PROFESSOR156248Naval Arch & Marine DeptAnn Arbor Campus
08/22/2018RESEARCH FELLOW160634Int Med-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/07/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate / Associate160952Molec & Integrative PhysiologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Research Process Coordinator156757DENT Cont&Grant Shared ServiceAnn Arbor Campus
10/11/2018ASST PROFESSOR - PROFESSOR161009Psychiatry DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
07/16/2018WAIT STAFF (TEMP)160346MI Dining - CateringAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Merit Support Center Analyst161424Merit NetworkAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018Simulation Technicians (temporary)161709School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018MHealthy Strength / Weight Training Instructor (TEMP)159531Wellness & Risk Reduction SvcsAnn Arbor Campus
07/05/2018COOK I (TEMP)159946MI Dining - AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Senior Learning Experience Designer, Digital Education161399Office of Digital EducationAnn Arbor Campus
09/18/2018ASST / ASSOC PROFESSOR162153Nuclear Eng & Radiological SciAnn Arbor Campus
09/06/2018Faculty in Human Anatomy162202Division of Anatomical ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
07/11/2018COOK I (TEMP)160149MI Dining - AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
08/01/2018Statistician Intermediate160842Epidemiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018CLINICAL ASST PROF - Entrepreneurship Clinic162361Law SchoolAnn Arbor Campus
08/30/2018Postdoctoral Research Fellow162156SOE-Educational StudiesAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Research Associate162604Emergency Medicine ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
08/24/2018Professor of Public Policy161949G. Ford Sc Pub PolAnn Arbor Campus
11/19/2018RESEARCH FELLOW161590DENT Bio & Materials ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
11/19/2018RESEARCH FELLOW161591DENT Bio & Materials ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
09/24/2018RESEARCH FELLOW163238School of Social WorkAnn Arbor Campus
08/23/2018Pediatric Dermatologist / Director of Pediatric Dermatology161202Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
09/17/2018RESEARCH FELLOW162940Epidemiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/29/2018Erb Institute Post-Doctoral Fellowship Program164538SEAS Erb InstituteAnn Arbor Campus
08/13/2018Medical Dermatology Faculty Position161209Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
08/24/2018Assistant Professor of Public Policy (Political Science - Comparative Politics)161806G. Ford Sc Pub PolAnn Arbor Campus
10/31/2018Software Engineer164676Psychiatry-ASAPAnn Arbor Campus
10/16/2018Clinical Instructional- Clinical Professor164056Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
11/06/2018Project Intermediate Manager164866Plastic Surgery SectionAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Admin Asst Senior / Intermediate Healthcare161939Int Med-RheumatologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/09/2018DEAN - COLLEGE OF LITERATURE, SCIENCE, AND THE ARTS165072LSA Dean: Dean's OfficeAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018FOOD SVC ASST (TEMP)162549MI Dining - AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
10/25/2018Taubman College Muschenheim, Oberdick and Sanders Fellowships164399Coll of Arch & Urban PlanningAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018Analyst Intermediate158560Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator164642Int Med-GastroenterologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/21/2018App Programmer / Analyst Assoc165225Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018AI Compliance and Policy Lead165270VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Faculty Experience Designer165272VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018UMTRI Engineering Systems Group Cybersecurity Research Fellow165284UMTRI-Engineering SystemsAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Postdoctoral Research Fellow154691Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018RESEARCH FELLOW160997Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
10/30/2018Executive Director, Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru)164353ArtsEngineAnn Arbor Campus
11/16/2018Call Center Rep Inbound Inter165335Continuing Legal Education InsAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Security Officer161228DPSS Housing Sec & Safety SvcsAnn Arbor Campus
11/07/2018RESEARCH FELLOW164780Population Studies CenterAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate / Associate162479Cell and Developmental BiologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Research Lab Specialist Inter163408Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/11/2018ASST PROFESSOR - PROFESSOR163949Psychiatry DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018App Programmer / Analyst Intermediate165233Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/16/2018Assistant Director of Service Support165394ITS SS Support ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Clinical Specialist164908Psychiatry-ASAPAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018MATH TEACHER (TEMP)164934Wolverine PathwaysAnn Arbor Campus
08/24/2018Assistant Professor of Public Policy (Political Science - American Politics)161807G. Ford Sc Pub PolAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Associate Director, Online Programs165575Sch of Public Hlth-Dean's OfcAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Behavior Tech163554Pediatric - PsychologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Program Manager, Online Instruction165269VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
11/16/2018Accounting Supervisor165396Library Deans Office - FinanceAnn Arbor Campus
11/21/2018Child Program Coordinator and Outreach Specialist165510Psychiatry Depression CenterAnn Arbor Campus
11/09/2018Research Laboratory Tech Assoc165079Molecular & Behav Neurosc InstAnn Arbor Campus
08/14/2018RESEARCH FELLOW161571Int Med-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/20/2018Project Manager165465Population Studies CenterAnn Arbor Campus
11/20/2018Research Tech Intermediate165466Population Studies CenterAnn Arbor Campus
11/19/2018Clinical Info Analyst Sr165467Cardiac SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Research Lab Specialist Inter / Assoc165496Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018Chemist Associate165552PHARMACY Medicinal ChemistryAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare165882Radiation Oncology - Ann ArborAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate166119Metabolism, Endo & DiabetesAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator166267Clin Trials Unit-Ambulatory aAnn Arbor Campus
11/16/2018Research Lab Specialist Senior / Intermediate165392Cardiac SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
10/12/2018Assistant Professor163986School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018Research Technician Associate (Term-limited)165699Psychiatry Depression CenterAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018Administrative Coordinator Project Coordinator165568Obstetrics and Gynecology DeptAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Research Process Coordinator165936A. Alfred Taubman CA&UP AdmAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Business Process Consultant166010School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Inventory Specialist166186School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
10/11/2018RESEARCH FELLOW163931Molec & Integrative PhysiologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018E / LA TEACHER (TEMP)164936Wolverine PathwaysAnn Arbor Campus
10/12/2018Postdoctoral Fellowship: Hydrological Modeling of the Great Lakes Basin163997SEAS CIGLRAnn Arbor Campus
12/08/2018LNF Engineer in Research Intermediate165571COE EECS - ECE DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth166356Obstetrics and Gynecology DeptAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Research Laboratory Tech Assoc166008Kresge Hearing Research InstAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer166142College of PharmacyAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Systems Programmer Analyst Senior / Intermediate166228School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Research Lab Specialist Senior166343Mary H Weiser Food Allergy CtrAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)166131SRC - Youth & Social IssuesAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Clinical Res Project Mgr Hlth166358Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
10/05/2018Director of Doctoral Studies in Architecture163687Coll of Arch & Urban PlanningAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare166334Obstetrics and Gynecology DeptAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Senior User Experience Designer / Intermediate User Experience Designer165282VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Payroll Analyst Associate166313Operational SupportAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Patient Care Tech Associate166325Health Service Ancillary SvcAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018COOK I166090Dining ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)165601Life Sciences Institute-AdminAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Research Process Senior Manager / Manager165825Biomedical EngineeringAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018PIPECOVERER166015South Campus RegionAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Research Process Coordinator (Temp)166225Research - Clinical TrialsAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Statistician Lead166227Neurology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Admin Coord / Project Coord (term-limited)165611Transplant Surgery (STX)Ann Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Research Area Specialist Assoc163224Psychiatry Child ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Statistician Lead165843Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018TRANSIT COACH OPERATOR166056Transportation ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Student Admin Asst Sr165627LSA MathematicsAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018FOOD SVC ASST (TEMP)165952MI Dining Retail-Taubman CafeAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Financial Specialist Associate166097LSA Dean: FinanceAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018MOTOR VEHICLE OPER (TEMP)165774Transportation ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
10/31/2018ASSISTANT PROFESSOR - PROFESSOR164686Physical Medicine & Rehab DeptAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018RESEARCH ASST II (TEMP)165700LSA Ecology & Evolutionary BioAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR-CLINICAL PROFESSOR165856UM RadOnc Brighton OperatingAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018COOK I166037MI Dining - AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Admin Asst Sr / Intermediate Healthcare166077Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018RESEARCH FELLOW165871Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Accounting Clerk Senior / Accounting Clerk Intermediate166321FinOps AccOp EndowmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate165745Molecular & Behav Neurosc InstAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018Research Laboratory Tech Assoc165842NeurosurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Histotechnologist164006Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Product Manager165274VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer: ENTR 390.006 - Voice User Interface165994CoE Ctr for EntrepreneurshipAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Research Coordinator166301School of KinesiologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Admin Asst Inter Healthcare165913Pediatrics-Ambulatory Care PgmAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare166160Ctr fr Translational PathologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Associate Vice President for Finance165499Office of Assoc VP for FinanceAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018Research Technician Associate165110Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/31/2018RESEARCH FELLOW163896Comp Med and BioinformaticsAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018ASST PROFESSOR165485School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Art Gallery Assistant / Coordinator165635LSA Humanities InstituteAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Admin Specialist Senior Health164212Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018Research Laboratory Assistant (Temp)164597Anesthesiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018Research Laboratory Specialist Senior165111Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018RESEARCH INVESTIGATOR165116Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/15/2018RESEARCH FELLOW165310PHARMACY Pharmaceutical SciAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Statistician Intermediate165766Int Med-GastroenterologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE (TEMP) - N194165872School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Open Enrollment Program Director166055ROSS SCH Executive EducationAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018App Programmer / Analyst Inter166283SRC-HrsAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Managing Director, Fast Forward Medical Innovation165926Fast Forward Med InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Research Investigator166339Orthopaedic SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018CSE Lecturer I - EECS 484 W19166047EECS - CSE DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
11/15/2018Admin Asst Inter Healthcare165313Pediatrics-GeneticsAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018Financial Specialist165861A. Alfred Taubman CA&UP AdmAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018LACS Community Outreach Coordinator166322LSA II: Latin Amer & Carib StAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Web Applications Developer166224CoE-IT/CAENAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Research Coordinator166388Psych HlthSvc Outcome ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Admin Specialist Associate Health164547Int Med-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
10/13/2018Assistant Research Scientist in the `Omics Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research163993SEAS CIGLRAnn Arbor Campus
10/05/2018Design Faculty in Architecture163688Coll of Arch & Urban PlanningAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Survey Specialist Intermediate / Associate165929SRO-Data Collection OperationsAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE (TEMP) N566165968School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Laboratory Tech General Assoc166179PHARMACY Pharmaceutical SciAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Clinical Info Analyst Sr / Intermediate166297Surgery DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
09/21/2018SR ASSOC LIBRARIAN / Associate Librarian163132Law LibraryAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Software Developer165276VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018GRADER II (TEMP) - HS505165414School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate164635Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE (TEMP)165884School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
09/18/2018ASST / ASSOC PROFESSOR162992Nuclear Eng & Radiological SciAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Map & Geospatial Data Librarian165800Library Research-Social SciencAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Admin Asst Intermediate / Senior Healthcare165922Int Med-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Grounds Assistant (Temp)166052AthleticsAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Curriculum Content Aide (TEMP)165737School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Grant Reviewer - Associate166032Grant Services & AnalysisAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer166232Industrial & Operations EnginAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018RESEARCH FELLOW163913Cardiac SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Chief Dept Administrator Hlth165799Radiation Oncology - Ann ArborAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Admin Specialist Inter Health Michigan Medicine, Office of the UMHS President166105CE Pres MedSch Benefits ApptAnn Arbor Campus
11/15/2018RESEARCH FELLOW164687GSA - Administration (GSA/ADM)Ann Arbor Campus
10/12/2018ASST / ASSOC / PROFESSOR163982School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
10/12/2018ASST / ASSOC / PROFESSOR163983School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator166319Pediatrics-NephrologyAnn Arbor Campus
10/11/2018SECRETARY D (TEMP)163840Molecular & Behav Neurosc InstAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Admin Specialist Inter Health166005Int Med-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Administrative Assistant Sr166400SRC-Life Course DevelopmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018Research Laboratory Specialist Associate165117Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator165822Metabolism, Endo & DiabetesAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Diversity and Inclusion Officer166152School of EducationAnn Arbor Campus
10/23/2018Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)164386LSA UG: HonorsAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Research Area Specialist Inter (term-limited)165620Transplant Surgery (STX)Ann Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth (TERM-LIMITED)165636Physical Medicine & Rehab DeptAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Business Assistant166274Michigan RadioAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Primary Care Clinical Instructor-Clinical Professor166379Int Med-General MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
11/01/2018App Programmer / Analyst Inter164613Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Security Officer - Museum166240USS Art Museum SecurityAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Accounting Clerk Senior166338Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Applications Programmer / Analyst Intermediate / Associate166282SRO Technical ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018LEO Lecturer I (N579)165973School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer166115Nuclear Eng & Radiological SciAnn Arbor Campus
10/18/2018Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)164223LSA UG: HonorsAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Social Media Manager165787SEAS CommunicationsAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018KITCHEN CLEANER166155MI Dining - CateringAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR- CLINICAL PROFESSOR166249Pediatrics-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018CLINICAL INSTRUCTOR- CLINICAL PROFESSOR166250Pediatrics-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/20/2018RESEARCH FELLOW165546Metabolism, Endo & DiabetesAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Fellowship Programs Specialist163828CoE Ctr for EntrepreneurshipAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018REGISTERED NURSE (Psychiatric Partial Hospitalization Program)166133Psych Hospital & Community SvcAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Associate Teacher166300UM Children's CentersAnn Arbor Campus
10/03/2018Assistant Professor / Associate Professor / Professor163497Health Management and PolicyAnn Arbor Campus
10/03/2018RESEARCH FELLOW163594UMTRI-BiosciencesAnn Arbor Campus
11/15/2018Application Developer Intermediate / Associate165277ITS Enterprise App SvcsAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Facilities Coordinator / Manager165777Internal Medicine DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Recruitment Assistant Temporary165955OUD Talent ManagementAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Director of Organizational Effectiveness and Delivery166044VPEM AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Michigan Value Collaborative Project Manager166094UrologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Contract & Grant Specialist166352Physical Medicine & Rehab DeptAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018MHealthy Exercise Instructor (TEMP)164616Wellness & Risk Reduction SvcsAnn Arbor Campus
11/06/2018Financial Specialist Senior164858Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/25/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate165597Rsch Strategic Plan Wk StreamsAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Clinical Res Project Mgr Hlth166277Int Med-NephrologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Postdoctoral Fellowship - Hydrology, Water Resources and Uncertainty Analysis166285Sch for Environ and SustainAnn Arbor Campus
11/19/2018Research Process Coordinator165492Clin Trials Unit -Heart VesselAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Senior Development Assistant165804Planned GivingAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer165976Mechanical EngineeringAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Clinical Subjects Associate165986O-CTSU Stdy Coordinator ClinicAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018RESEARCH FELLOW163226Cardiac SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth165716Pediatrics-Pulmonary MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018TRANSIT COACH OPER (TEMP)165776Transportation ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Engineering Technician165981Materials Science & Engin.Ann Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Clinical Subjects Associate166023Family MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018GRAD STU INSTR - HMP553166369Health Management and PolicyAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Desktop Support Specialist Intermediate166412LSA Dean: Info. TechnologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Contract & Grant Specialist165426LSA Dean: FinanceAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018LEO Intermittent Lecturer: ENTR 390.012 - Digital Product Design165839CoE Ctr for EntrepreneurshipAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018CSED Lecturer I - ENGx55 W19166335Socially Engaged DesignAnn Arbor Campus
10/05/2018Assistant Professor / Associate Professor163531Health Management and PolicyAnn Arbor Campus
10/22/2018RESEARCH FELLOW164304Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/05/2018LEO Lecturer III - Latin Language and Elementary Latin Coordinator164775LSA Classical StudiesAnn Arbor Campus
11/12/2018RESEARCH FELLOW165108Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/20/2018Planned Gift Coordinator165512Planned GivingAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018BAKER II165998MI Dining - AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Associate / Assistant Professor (Athletic Training, School of Kinesiology)166166School of KinesiologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/08/2018Athletic Training Fellow165039AthleticsAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Claims Data Analyst Statistician Senior165946Cardiac SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Research Process Coordinator166019Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Ask a Librarian Specialist166305Library Learn&Teach-ConnectedAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Learning Experience Designer Senior / Learning Experience Designer Intermediate165278VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
10/26/2018RESEARCH FELLOW164553ROSS SCH Erb InstituteAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Research Associate166049Int Med-General MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018MRI Technologist-Research166078UMOR Functional MRI Lab (fMRI)Ann Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Director, William L. Clements Library166281Ofc Provost & Exec VP Acad AffAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Research Lab Specialist Inter166323Allergy DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018POSTDOCTORAL FELLOW165273Int Med-GastroenterologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Marketing & Communications Project Manager165752SEAS CommunicationsAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Manager Associate Deans' Initiative165792Rackham Dean's OfficeAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018RESEARCH FELLOW166134Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018LEO Adjunct Assistant Professor166391Environmental Health SciencesAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018RESEARCH FELLOW166419Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/02/2018RESEARCH FELLOW164771Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/13/2018Assistant Research Scientist in Biophysical Modeling Cooperative Institute for Great Lakes Research163994SEAS CIGLRAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate / Associate165676Molec & Integrative PhysiologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Assistant Professor / Associate Professor165975DLHS Division of Prof EdAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Primary Care Clinical Instructor-Clinical Professor166380Int Med-General MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
11/19/2018Tenure-Track Faculty Position, Department of Strings (Cello)165470SMTD StringsAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018Irving M. Hermelin Curator of Judaica165690Library Research-Intern'l StudAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Desktop Support Spec Ld Supr165896LSA Dean: Info. TechnologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Research Lab Tech Intermediate / Associate162926Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
10/25/2018Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)164525LSA UG: HonorsAnn Arbor Campus
11/21/2018CUSTODIAN I (TEMP)165544Building ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018Maintenance Project Manager165733Hospital MaintenanceAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Research Assistant166214Psychiatry Child ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator166223Int Med-GastroenterologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Financial Specialist Associate166410LSA Dean: FinanceAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Clinical Faculty Position, Department of Voice165324School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare166028Anesthesiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Research Lab Specialist Senior166040IntMed-Geri & Palliative Med.Ann Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Associate Web and Graphic Designer165791SEAS CommunicationsAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Licensed Practical Nurse (Ambulatory Care Services, Research)165909Anesthesiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Assistant Professor / Associate Professor165987DLHS Division of Prof EdAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Events Coordinator166278Ctr for Res on Learn & TeachAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018LEO Lecturer I166316LSA UG: Residential CollegeAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018GRAD STU INSTR - HMP682166367Health Management and PolicyAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018ECE LEO Intermittent Lecturer166406COE EECS - ECE DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
11/27/2018Research Process Coordinator165434Clin Trials Unit-Acute_CritcalAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018RESEARCH FELLOW166059Pathology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
09/25/2018Peer Research Assistant163233Psych HlthSvc Outcome ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018LEO Adjunct Lecturer166242Epidemiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018Recruiter / Health Coach165836Psychiatry Admin-CentralAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)166154Univ Ctr for Child & FamilyAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Desktop Support Specialist Associate163335ITS SS MiWorkspaceAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Assistant Director of Michigan Marching and Athletic Bands, Department of Conducting165325SMTD Michigan Marching BandAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018AV and Events Services Coordinator166284Palmer CommonsAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018Research Laboratory Specialist Intermediate165113Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/12/2018RESEARCH FELLOW165119Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Adjunct Counseling Center Psychologist165806Counseling ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
11/29/2018Adjunct Counseling Center Social Worker165808Counseling ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018TENURE TRACK FACULTY POSITION165853Orthopaedic SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Research Help Desk Technician (TEMP)165905Adv Research Comp Tech SrvAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Technology & Audiovisual Assistant166295Library Operations - US & OOAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator (TEMP)166302Int Med-RheumatologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018CUSTODIAN II165954FacilitiesAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Software Developer Senior / Software Developer Intermediate165279VProv Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Utilities Planner - Power and Lighting165736Utilities Electrical MaintAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018HR Assistant Senior165759LSA Dean: Human ResourcesAnn Arbor Campus
10/25/2018Fishman Fellowship164508Coll of Arch & Urban PlanningAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator165714Pediatrics-Pulmonary MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Patient Services Associate166173UrologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Nutrition Specialist166174Surgery DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Secretary Intermediate166192School of Social WorkAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Research Lab Specialist Assoc166202Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Temporary Bibliographic Research Assistant166364ICPSRAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018RESEARCH FELLOW166260Int Med-RheumatologyAnn Arbor Campus
10/17/2018Graduate Student Instructor (GSI)164171LSA UG: HonorsAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018ASST IN RESEARCH (TEMP)164308Int Med-NephrologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/20/2018Research Lab Specialist Senior / Intermediate165504Cardiac SurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018Associate Professor / Professor165993DLHS Division of LKSAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Research Lab Specialist Assoc166017Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Digital Scholarship Specialist166132Library Learn&Teach-ConnectedAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Clinical Subjects Assoc (TEMP)166351Physical Medicine & Rehab DeptAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018Content Management Intermediate Supervisor165824Facilities & Operations - ISAnn Arbor Campus
12/06/2018Project Manager166101Hlth Behavior & Hlth Ed DeptAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Animal Technician Associate166148Lab Animal Medicine UnitAnn Arbor Campus
11/13/2018WOLVERINE PATHWAYS TEACHING ASSISTANT164905Wolverine PathwaysAnn Arbor Campus
10/17/2018Clinical Instructional- Clinical Professor / Neuro164055Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
10/16/2018Hyrdrological Modeler164083SEAS CIGLRAnn Arbor Campus
11/19/2018Groundskeeper (Temp)165469Grounds ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
11/28/2018Infrastructure Software Architect Lead165712ITS Infra Sys Srvcs & OpsAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018GRAD STU INSTR - MIDEAST 281 (Winter 2019)165778LSA Middle East StudiesAnn Arbor Campus
12/11/2018Oracle Database Developer Intermediate / Senior166169Biostatistics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/07/2018Data Project Manager166184ICPSRAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Accounting Clerk Senior164369AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018Vault Teller165965FinOps Student Bus OpsAnn Arbor Campus
11/12/2018SCIENCE TEACHER (TEMP)164939Wolverine PathwaysAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Assistant / Associate / Professor-Financial165580LSA MathematicsAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Assistant / Associate / Professor-Algebra / Analysis165610LSA MathematicsAnn Arbor Campus
12/12/2018Service Center Consultant Associate166326ITS SS Service CenterAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018CSE Web Developer (temporary)166370EECS - CSE DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
09/21/2018RES ASSOC I (TEMP)163174LSA Ctr for Social SolutionsAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018Financial Specialist Associate (Temp)166031Research - Clinical TrialsAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2018RES ASSOC II (TEMP)166205Pediatric - PsychologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/26/2018Clinical Subjects Coordinator (Term-limited)165616Ophthalmology & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2018Admin Asst Sr Healthcare165852Ofc of Grad and Postdoc StudieAnn Arbor Campus
12/05/2018RES ASSOC I (TEMP)166035Int Med-General MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
10/15/2018Dental Assistant (TEMP)164059DENTCariology,Restor Sci &EndoAnn Arbor Campus
11/14/2018Research Laboratory Technician Senior165188Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018UMTRI Human Factors Research Fellow166390UMTRI-Human FactorsAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018Law School, Annual Giving Coordinator166417Law SchoolAnn Arbor Campus
11/21/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)164420Pediatrics-Ambulatory Care PgmAnn Arbor Campus
10/25/2018RESEARCH FELLOW164506Nutritional SciencesAnn Arbor Campus
11/06/2018Post-Doctoral Fellow164906School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
11/21/2018RESEARCH FELLOW165363Microbiology and ImmunologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2018Business Administrator Intermediate165763LSA Dean: Undergrad. EducationAnn Arbor Campus
12/04/2018MPulse Camp Counselor165974School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
12/13/2018RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)166413School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus

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