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Job Summary

Program Description: Success Institute I

The Promise Scholars Program at the University of Michigan—Flint was created to allow an admissions pathway for students whose previous academic performance did not meet standard admission. However, through their interview process, we believe that these students have the potential to succeed academically. Promise Scholars are students who are passionate about obtaining their bachelor’s degree here at the University of Michigan-Flint. Broadly, the Promise Scholar Program is designed to provide an inclusive, supportive environment that results in 4-year graduation success. To support all students throughout their undergraduate experience, the Promise Scholars program is designed to increase persistence and retention, provide academic enrichment opportunities, and offer holistic success coaching. Promise Scholars begin their experience at the University of Michigan-Flint through the Success Institute which takes place during the summer after their senior year of high school.


Position Description: Program Associate (PA)/Resident Advisors (RAs)

The main responsibility of the Residential Advisor is to support, encourage, and serve as a leader to the Promise Scholar community. Through programming and community building activities, RAs address student wellbeing, academic growth, and university navigation to promise first year transition and success. RAs will develop, coordinate, and maintain high quality programming while serving and the leaders in community development and wellbeing. This position requires supervision and monitoring of 50 incoming freshmen through a strengths-based approach. Special care will be taken to provide a high quality and comprehensive introduction to the University of Michigan-Flint and the Office of Educational Opportunity Initiatives. Resident Advisors will report to Residence Hall Coordinator and/or Program Manager.



  • Live in the residence hall and assist with the daily implementation of the Success Institute I.
  • Build meaningful relationships with residents and invested stakeholders in the Promise Scholars community.
  • Create and implement programs that support leadership, diversity of ideas, and inclusivity among community members and positive residence hall culture.
  • Supervise and advise incoming college freshmen to support their transition from high school to college level expectations throughout Success Institute program.
  • Lead weekly group discussions on norms, expectations, and community responsibilities both in the residence halls in and courses, seminars, and workshops.
  • Develop workshops and discussion programming targeting academic preparedness, health and wellness, financial literacy, and Promise Scholar community building.
  • Coordinate social, cultural, and recreational on and off campus enrichment activities
  • Uphold residential hall policies and protocols to ensure safety and wellbeing, in residence halls.
  • Supervise study and homework halls, serving as tutor in academic success strategies and behaviors.
  • Address and refer student disciplinary, crises, and personal issues to appropriate staff and campus offices.
  • Maintains professional relationships and boundaries with students
  • Serve as mentors for incoming freshmen, sharing key strategies and insights on first year experience and beyond.

Academic Year Program Associate Role (PAs)


Position Description: Program Associate (PA)

During the academic year (Fall and Winter semesters), Program associates will be responsible in supporting office flow and program management to ensure successful implementation of EOI programming. The following areas highlight key duties and responsibilities.


Duties and Responsibilities (Academic Year)

Front Desk Coverage

  • PAs will be able to answer, transfer, and provide high quality services to community stakeholders seeking to contact an EOI point person or clarify an EOI event.
  • PAs will ensure equipment and resources is stocked and relay key updates to the administrative assistants and/or EOI staff. 
  • Front Desk Coverage: All EOI calendar (e-version and physical board), screen calls and visitors, maintenance of bulletin boards


File Management

  • PAs will ensure all proper documentation is accounted for during all EOI events such as sign in sheets, presentation handouts, assessment forms, etc. and process all documents as part of office book keeping.
  • PAs will support up-to-date management of student files by effectively and efficiently collecting, filing, and sorting key program documents.
  • PAs will provide support to staff needed to compile or dispose of student files.


Event Planning

  • PAs will verify all logistical aspects of event planning are successfully met such as effective tracking of RSVPs, venue confirmation, flyer and brochure creation, key equipment reservation, presenter confirmation, sign in sheet creation, and vendors are secured.
  • Ensure all supplies are in line with budget parameters and EOI event planning norms
  • Set up and close out events throughout pre-during-post stages
  • Appropriately recruit necessary volunteers and/or EOI staff representatives as applicable.
  • Create and establish communications for events in compliance with UREL guidelines



  • PAs will be able to design and execute workshops through comprehensive topic research, audience appropriate tailoring, clear workshop objectives, opportunities to reinforce knowledge, and assess its effectiveness.
  • PAs will incorporate multiple learning styles and classroom management strategies to ensure audiences take away meaningful value for each session.
  • PAs will assess the quality of their workshop and document attendance and feedback to report back to Program Managers.



  • Manage multiple communication avenues ranging from emails, flyers, mailings, phone communications, and social media to ensure effective outreach and program attendance.
  • Assist with the development of an overarching marketing and communications strategy for event promotion and closeouts.
  • Assist with the development and distribution of quarterly newsletter.
  • Maintain social media accounts and track outcomes.



  • Represent EOI in different campus and community spaces to ensure audiences understand the mission, programs, and goals of EOI.
  • Support all programs recruitment efforts from interviews to welcomes to closing events.
  • Serve as a liaison with designated schools/partners


Data and Assessment

  • Collect, analyze, and monitor quantitative and qualitative data to support program wide data management.
  • Reflect on data to provide operational and outcome insights to program managers.
  • Ensure accuracy of data input from paper to computer systems.
  • Identify missing data and follow through with collection and/or clarifications.
  • Assist with developing and implementing meaningful, manageable, and sustainable assessment plans for delivered workshops and assigned assignments.
  • Routinely collect, enter and/or assess data to monitor student scholar progression.


Peer Coach

  • PAs will engage pre-college and college level program participants though an individualized, holistic peer coaching model.
  • PAs will compile campus and community resources to effectively respond to student needs.

    Required Qualifications*

    • Currently enrolled at UM-Flint.
    • Cover letter to explain interest in role and key experiences that demonstrate fit
    • Reference Letter to highlight character and interpersonal skills
    • Resume
    • Have completed at least 1 years at UM-Flint and minimum 2.5 cumulative GPA.
    • Prior experience working with students linked to college motivation, confidence building, and postsecondary success.
    • Must exercise a strengths-based approach in being sensitive, respectful, and understanding of the need of economically and academically disadvantaged, ethnically diverse students.
    • Must possess the commitment and stamina to participate constructively in potentially stressful interactions and situations during the summer program.
    • Can fully commit to the time requirements of the residential advisor role and reside on campus during Summer 2018 (June- trainings and orientation; July – August- programming).  Room costs are included/covered by the program. Please consult with the Office of Financial Aid to determine how this might impact your award.

    Desired Qualifications*

    • Completed 2 years of college and minimum 2.75 cumulative GPA.
    • Demonstrated commitment in serving underrepresented students
    • Prior experience in designing workshops and student engagement activities
    • Strong interpersonal skills
    • Ability to think critically and problem solve swiftly and responsibly
    • Passionate in supporting student persistence
    • Data Management experience.
    • Graphic design and social networking skills.
    • Experience working in an office setting.

    Additional Information

    • Offers are contingent on background check clearance and academic status verification.
    • This is a grant funded position.


    FERPA Waiver

    By submitting this job application, I understand that I am waiving my privacy rights as outlined in the Family Educational Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) and allowing staff within Educational Opportunity Initiatives to view my transcript to confirm my academic eligibility for this position. Furthermore, by submitting this job application I understand I am authorizing the Office of the Dean of Students to release my student conduct history to confirm my conduct eligibility for this position. I understand this waiver remains in effect while this specific employment application remains active.

    U-M EEO/AA Statement

    The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.