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Job Summary

This job opening is for a Unit-Based Temporary RN position in Mott Anesthesia Obs.

* Please note that these positions do not qualify for Michigan Medicine benefits and specific terms and conditions of employment are negotiated at the department level.
These positions are not covered under the collective bargaining agreement between the University of Michigan and the Michigan Nurses Association and the U of M Professional Nurse Council.

* In addition:
Unit- based temporary employees who have worked 400 hours in a calendar year then become a Per Diem employee and have an obligation to pay dues or service fees as covered under the collective bargaining agreement between the University of Michigan and the Michigan Nurses Association and the U of M Professional Nurse Council.

* Once the employee meets the 400 hour threshold, they then are a union member for the duration of employment as Per Diem.
Temporary APRN employees and MVC temporary employees are not eligible for Per Diem status


Provide obstetric analgesic anesthesia support to patients admitted to Labor and Delivery

A.Obtain a health history of parturients admitted to Labor and Delivery.
B.Provide patient education of obstetric analgesia/anesthesia options and services provided at time of admission.
C.Respond to Birth Center Emergency pages
D.Attend Patient Board Rounds daily with the anesthesia and obstetric care team as part of providing complete obstetric anesthesia care.
E.Consult with anesthesiologist on clinical status of all patients admitted to Labor and Delivery, review patient's desires regarding pain management and develop pain management plan.
F.Consult with the obstetric and Labor and Delivery staff regarding patients clinical status and pain management plan.
G.Prepare patients for epidural analgesia.
H.Assist anesthesiologist in establishing epidural analgesia.
I.Monitor patients throughout epidural analgesia.  Treat inadequate analgesia and limited complications associated with the procedure as directed by the anesthesiologist.
J.Re-evaluate patients response to pain management intervention and consult as needed with the anesthesiologist regarding changes in patients clinical status.
K.Perform regular patient rounds on patients with epidural analgesia to assess quality of pain management, presence of side effects or equipment problems.  Consults with anesthesiologist as needed.
L.Prepare and participate in the care of the parturient for cesarean section and other operative procedures with anesthesiologist.
M.Assist in the OR with airway management and IV access as appropriate
N.Provide preoperative teaching for post operative pain control options.
O.Perform daily post operative patient rounds to assess clinical status, pain management and identify complications, discuss findings with anesthesiologist.
P.Assess, as needed, pain management of non-obstetric patients on the Acute Pain Service.  Treat inadequate analgesia and limited complications as directed by the anesthesiologist.
Q.Present modules at birthing class that pertain to obstetric anesthesia.
R.Participate in Labor and Delivery staff in service training.
S.Participate in design and collection of Quality Assurance and research data.
T.Organize and participate in obstetric cost containment/quality improvement projects.
U.Maintain appropriate professional development.

Nursing Specific Info

Required qualifications must be met by the candidate in order to be interviewed and considered for the position.

If you have questions regarding this posting or would like assistance with nursing opportunities please contact Nurse Recruitment at (734) 936-5183.

Required Qualifications*

Current licensure as a Registered Nurse in the state of Michigan.
Minimum of 3 years nursing experience. Recent (within the last 2-3 years) obstetric perinatal clinical experience or critical care experience.
Excellent interpersonal skills.
Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary health care

NOTE: Required qualifications must be met by the candidate in order to be interviewed and considered for the position.

RESUME REQUIRED (for both internal & external applicants): 
You must attach a complete and accurate resume to be fully considered for this position.

Desired Qualifications*

BSN preferred and/or equivalent combination of education and experience.
Knowledge of pain physiology and clinical use of anesthetic drugs (PCA, epidurals).
Recent experience as a charge nurse or equivalent leadership skills.
Teaching experience with adults.

Work Schedule

Hours/Shift: Hours/Shift will vary based on unit needs  
Location: Mott Anesthesia Obs

Additional Information


1. Each Per Diem or unit-based temporary employee working three or more shifts per scheduling period will be scheduled to work a minimum of two weekend shifts per scheduling period (8 hours = 1 shift). The contractual definition of a weekend applies for Per Diem or unit-based temporary employees.*
Per Diem or unit-based temporary nurses who preschedule two or fewer shifts per scheduling period do not have to meet the weekend requirements.
They may add additional UNANTICIPATED SHIFTS ONLY.

2. Each Per Diem or unit-based temporary nurse will be expected to work a portion of scheduled shifts on off shifts (recommended guide: 25%).

3. Managers may establish additional guidelines based upon individual unit scheduling requirements. Therefore, it is recommended that managers and per diem nurses or unit-based temporary meet to discuss specific unit

4. Each Per Diem or unit-based temporary nurse will be scheduled to work the number of shifts during holiday weeks that reflects his/her normal scheduling pattern. Per Diem or unit-based temporary nurses should be scheduled to work shifts during three out of the six holiday weeks and one of these weeks should be Christmas or New Year's week. (A week is defined as Sunday through Saturday during which the holiday falls).

Per Diem or unit-based temporary nurses are to be scheduled after all regular staff are scheduled per contract language.

*Guidelines apply to all Per Diem or unit-based temporary nurses regardless of hire date.

Background Screening

Michigan Medicine conducts background screening and pre-employment drug testing on job candidates upon acceptance of a contingent job offer and may use a third party administrator to conduct background screenings.  Background screenings are performed in compliance with the Fair Credit Report Act.

Mission Statement

Michigan Medicine improves the health of patients, populations and communities through excellence in education, patient care, community service, research and technology development, and through leadership activities in Michigan, nationally and internationally.  Our mission is guided by our Strategic Principles and has three critical components; patient care, education and research that together enhance our contribution to society.

Selection Process

Michigan Medicine seeks to recruit and retain a diverse workforce as a reflection of our commitment to serve the diverse people of Michigan and to maintain the excellence of the University. We welcome applications from anyone who would bring additional dimensions to the University’s research, teaching, and clinical mission, including women, members of minority groups, protected veterans, and individuals with disabilities. The Department of Nursing, like the University of Michigan as a whole, is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all persons and will not discriminate against any individual because of race, color, national origin, age, marital status, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, disability, religion, height, weight, or veteran status.   

U-M EEO/AA Statement

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.