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How to Apply

A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and should be attached as the first page of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position and outline skills and experience that directly relate to this position.

Job Summary

The College of Engineering, Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan invites applicants for a part-time LEO Intermittent Lecturer position for the Fall 2018 term to teach ENTR 599.021: Creativity & Design - Strategies for Innovation.


During Fall 2018, teach ENTR 599.021: Creativity & Design - Strategies for Innovation.

The course is a hands-on, interactive, immersion into personal creativity and the design thinking process. Using tools for self-awareness, discovery and curiosity, the course will explore how people, places and practices foster human creativity. Students will discuss: What is creativity "How can a person become more creative" in order to become more creative, students must be willing to look within themselves and share what they find. The design thinking portion of the course will include a team assignment exploring problem framing and solution analysis, as well as storytelling practices via presentations at the end of the semester.

The course’s objectives for its students will be:

  • A paradigm shift - to learn about other ways of thinking and principles that can pivot their approach to viewing and reacting to the world.
  • Defining creativity - to create a working definition so that the students can achieve a clearly identified goal.
  • ID personal creative style by discovering what students are most enthusiastic about and what types of endeavors make them excited to create.
  • Develop empathy and generate deep insights through the systematic observation of an interaction with key stakeholders.
  • Engage in collaborative ideation and evaluate ideas as they relate to use issues.
  • Conduct interviews that generate rich results.
  • Practice rapid prototyping and iterative testing in order to quickly validate and/or discard ideas.
  • Discuss the importance of failure in the creative process and explain the concept of "failing forward".
  • Use tools that allow teams to function effectively, including contracts, performance assessment techniques and feedback mechanisms.
  • Define creativity in general and in terms of their own creative potential.
  • Describe their personality in terms of the MBTI and relate this to their capacity for creativity and being a member of a creative team.
  • Explain the effect that diversity has on creativity and innovation.
  • Restate the key elements of the design thinking process.
  • Apply the principles of design thinking to real work issues.
  • Demonstrate the ability to give and receive honest, authentic, constructive feedback.
  • Pitch ideas clearly and compellingly.
  • Explore team building exercises and processes with the hope that there will be a resulting change in attitude. Partnership and community are critical to both creative living and design success.

The course is scheduled for 14 weeks during the Fall of 2018.

Required Qualifications*

  • MS Degree.
  • Demonstrated and successful practice of teaching design and creativity through collaboration between academic and professional disciplines.
  • Experience with the entrepreneurial process, from idea conception to technology development.
  • Experience in instructing graduate students in a classroom environment.

Union Affiliation

This position is covered under the collective bargaining agreement between the U-M and the Lecturers Employee Organization, AFL-CIO, which contains and settles all matters with respect to wages, benefits, hours and other terms and conditions of employment.

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