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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
06/15/2021COOK II (TEMP)198114MM Patient Food ServiceMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/15/2021PATIENT CARE TECH (TEMP)178015MM Post Anes Care Unit - UHMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/15/2021PATIENT CARE TECH (TEMP)178140MM Post Anes Care Unit - UHMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/15/2021SIMULATED PAT INST (TEMP)159806DENT Pre-Doctoral StudiesAnn Arbor Campus
06/14/2021Rec Center Lifeguard (TEMP)199136Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/14/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)199343MM Thoracic Surgery SectionAnn Arbor Campus
06/14/2021PATIENT CARE TECH (TEMP)199438MM CW 11WMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/14/2021TUTOR II (TEMP)199481Dbn Col of Bus-Mgmt StudiesDearborn Campus
06/14/2021RESEARCH ASST II (TEMP)198520MM TC AdministrationMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/14/2021MEDICAL INVESTIGATOR (TEMP)199349MM Necropsy Suite/MedicolegalMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/14/2021TUTOR II (TEMP) CASL Courses (Non Science Based Courses)199430Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
06/14/2021UNIT CUSTODIAN (TEMP)188181MM Environmental Svcs - AdminMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/14/2021BCL - TUTOR I (TEMP)199470Dbn Col of Bus-Mgmt StudiesDearborn Campus
06/14/2021Clinical Subjects Coordinator (TEMP)199516MM Int Med-RheumatologyAnn Arbor Campus
06/14/2021Rec Center Staff (TEMP)199133Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/11/2021UM Credit Union (TEMP) Student Member Service Representative199316Flint Northbank CenterFlint Campus
06/11/2021MOTOR VEHICLE OPER (TEMP)199359Transportation ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
06/11/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP: University Hospital (Central Staffing Resources Specialty Cluster, Wound / Ostomy Services)199364MM UH CVC CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/11/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)199255Flint Office of Research & EcoFlint Campus
06/11/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP (Central Staffing Resources Specialty Cluster, Adult Hemodialysis)194801MM UH CVC CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/11/2021STAFF NURSE (TEMP) Mott Childrens Hospital- Brandon NICU198032MM CW 8WMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/11/2021TRANSIT COACH OPER (TEMP)199313Transportation ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
06/11/2021Clinical Subjects Coordinator (TEMP)199325MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
06/11/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP) - Art & Culture199183Flint Art & Art HistoryFlint Campus
06/11/2021COMP CONSULT II (TEMP)199363Flint Online & Digital EduFlint Campus
06/11/2021NURSE ANESTHETIST (CRNA-Temp)- CS Mott Children's Hospital / VV Women's Hospital197858MM CW Anesthesia CRNA - MottMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/11/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)196859Hlth Behavior & Hlth Ed DeptFlint Campus
06/10/2021GRADER I (TEMP) - A / F199289Dbn Col of Bus-Acctg & FinanceDearborn Campus
06/10/2021OFFICE ASSISTANT (TEMP)199236MM Int Med-Pulm./Critical CareAnn Arbor Campus
06/10/2021TUTOR II (TEMP) Assistant to Supervisor for Behavioral Sciences Supplemental Instruction199272Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
06/10/2021RESEARCH ASSOCIATE (TEMP)199284MM Int Med-GastroenterologyAnn Arbor Campus
06/10/2021SR NURSING ASST (TEMP)198847MM CW 10WMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/10/2021FOOD SVC WORKER (TEMP)199281MM CW Food Procure/ProductionMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/09/2021SERVICE / MAINT MISC (TEMP)199165MM Linen Distrib. OperationsMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/09/2021GRADER I (TEMP)199211Dbn Col of Bus-Mgmt StudiesDearborn Campus
06/09/2021DS TUTOR I (TEMP)199227Dbn Col of Bus-Mgmt StudiesDearborn Campus
06/09/2021COMP CONSULT II (TEMP)199251Dbn Information Technology SvcDearborn Campus
06/09/2021OFFICE ASSISTANT (TEMP)199264AthleticsAnn Arbor Campus
06/08/2021Medical Assistant / Associate - Float Pool (TEMP)191907MM CSR Ambulatory CareMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/08/2021MRI Technologist - Research / Temporary197672UMOR Functional MRI Lab (fMRI)Ann Arbor Campus
06/08/2021SERVICE / MAINT MISC (TEMP)193957MM Logistics Patient TransportMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/08/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP- 8 East Child and Adolescent Psychiatry197720MM CW CSR PedsMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/08/2021EBS SETUP WORKER198901Flint Event & Bldg ServicesFlint Campus
06/08/2021Club Sports Event Supervisor (TEMP)198064Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/08/2021LABORATORY ASST (TEMP)199134MM Microbiology and ImmunologyAnn Arbor Campus
06/08/2021Club Sports Finance Clerk (TEMP)198765Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/08/2021SERVICE / MAINT MISC (TEMP)178045MM Logistics MailroomMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/08/2021OFFICE ASSISTANT (TEMP)199160Dbn CASL Academic AdvisingDearborn Campus
06/08/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)197715MM Peds-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
06/08/2021Research Assistant185508ArchitectureAnn Arbor Campus
06/08/2021INTERVIEWER II (TEMP)194769MM General PediatricsAnn Arbor Campus
06/08/2021Nursing Assistant (Temp)198499MM UH CVC 8A3Michigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/08/2021Club Sports Marketing & Media (TEMP)198063Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/07/2021Instructional Aide (TEMP) - Masters of Applied Data Science Fall 2021199148School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
06/07/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP: University Hospital (5A Ortho-Trauma Medical-Surgical / Moderate Care Unit)199080MM UH CVC 5AMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/07/2021RES ASSOC I (TEMP)195211School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
06/07/2021INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE (TEMP) - Fall 2021199145School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
06/04/2021REGISTERED NURSE (TEMP) Michigan Visiting Nurse Immunization Program197997MM Flu/ImmuMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/04/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP (Mott Childrens Hospital- 7E Pediatric Cancer Unit)199031MM CW 7EMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/04/2021Facility Supervisor Yost Ice Arena and Wilpon Complex (TEMP)199045AthleticsAnn Arbor Campus
06/04/2021Instructional Support Position199005ROSS SCH Part-Time MBA ProgramAnn Arbor Campus
06/04/2021Registration Clerk / CLERK C (TEMP)199034MM Flu/ImmuMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/04/2021Mammography Tech or Mammography Tech with Breast Ultrasound (TEMP)199047MM Cancer Center RADMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/03/2021Admissions Intern198211OUA OutreachAnn Arbor Campus
06/03/2021GIft Coordinator198988MM Development - OperationsMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/03/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP) - Physics197395Flint PhysicsFlint Campus
06/03/2021ODEI Evaluation Research Assistant II (TEMP)198946Vprov Equity & Inclusion AdminAnn Arbor Campus
06/02/2021Research Assoc,(TEMP)196057MM Molec & Integratv PhysiologAnn Arbor Campus
06/02/2021SERVICE / MAINT MISC (TEMP)163648MM Entrance ServicesMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
06/01/2021Computer Consultant 2 (TEMP)198798LSA Dean: Info. TechnologyAnn Arbor Campus
06/01/2021LSA Dean's Fellow198657LSA Dean: Dean's OfficeAnn Arbor Campus
05/28/2021Graduate Non-Certified Technician198751MM KEC TechMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
05/28/2021STAFF NURSE-TEMP (Central Staffing Resources, Adult General Care Units)198709MM UH CVC CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
05/27/2021Graduate Student Temporary Program Assistant for Student Parent Programming198661Rackham Recruitment & EngmntAnn Arbor Campus
05/27/2021Grant Research Assistant Public Health & Health Sciences198345Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
05/27/2021Food Service Associate Supervisor (TEMP)198610MM Patient Food ServiceMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
05/26/2021Research Laboratory Technician (TEMP)185857MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
05/26/2021LABORATORY ASST (TEMP)183753MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
05/24/2021Anesthesia Tech UH (TEMPORARY)198430MM Anesthesia UHMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
05/23/2021SummerWorks Youth Employment Program 2021 (TEMP)196726HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsAnn Arbor Campus
05/21/2021TRANSLATOR II (TEMP)198423Law SchoolAnn Arbor Campus
05/21/2021Program Coordinator Assistant198381Wolverine PathwaysAnn Arbor Campus
05/21/2021Temp Program Manager of Diversity and Inclusion (TEMP)198424Central AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
05/20/2021STAFF NURSE (TEMP)- University Hospital PACU198309MM UH CVC CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
05/20/2021Mcity Web Applications Developer194827UMOR McityAnn Arbor Campus
05/19/2021Work-Study Student Leadership Assistant198055Flint Std Involvement & LdrshpFlint Campus
05/18/2021LABORER GENERAL (TEMP)198190HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsAnn Arbor Campus
05/18/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)196632MM Anesthesiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
05/18/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)194521Dbn CEHHS Education-OPERATIONSDearborn Campus
05/17/2021Math Instructor198133Wolverine PathwaysAnn Arbor Campus
05/17/2021STAFF NURSE (TEMP) (University Hospital-7DN, Adult Cardiac Intensive Care Unit)198131MM UH CVC 7DMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
05/17/2021Work-Study Office Assistant198050Flint Std Involvement & LdrshpFlint Campus
05/14/2021Administrative Assistant (TEMP)198002HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsMultiple Locations
05/12/2021RESEARCH ASSOCIATE I (TEMP) - Urban Sustainability and Environmental Health Research Cluster197597Flint Office of Research & EcoFlint Campus
05/12/2021RESEARCH ASSOCIATE I (TEMP) - Arts and Culture Research Cluster197730Flint Office of Research & EcoFlint Campus
05/11/2021SERVICE / MAINT MISC (TEMP)197798MM Mat'l Mgmt - Warehouse OpsMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
05/04/2021Tutor II (Temp)197467Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
04/29/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP) - CSC, EGR, PSY197110Flint Computer ScienceFlint Campus
04/28/2021Writing Center Consultant - TUTOR I (TEMP)184718Dbn Writing CenterDearborn Campus
04/28/2021ASST IN RESEARCH (UROP) - SPRING / SUMMER 2021197087Office of ResearchFlint Campus
04/27/2021Physical Sciences Laboratory Student Asst (TEMP)193474Dbn CASL-Physical SciencesDearborn Campus
04/27/2021Biological Sciences Laboratory Student Asst (TEMP)193467Dbn CASL-Biological SciencesDearborn Campus
04/27/2021ITS Technician (TEMP)196899Flint ITSFlint Campus
04/23/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP197040MM UH CVC CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
04/21/2021Student Program Assistant, Civic Engagement196969Dbn Office of Student LifeDearborn Campus
04/20/2021Supplemental Instruction Leader (Temp) Tutor III196837Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
04/20/2021TUTOR II (TEMP) Mathematics SI Leader196886Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
04/19/2021WRITER for The M-Times (TEMP)196780Flint Sponsored Student OrgFlint Campus
04/13/2021GROUNDSKEEPER (TEMP)196506Dbn Physical Plant-Ground MainDearborn Campus
04/13/2021LABORATORY ASST (TEMP) - Engineering194325Flint EngineeringFlint Campus
04/09/2021ASST IN RESEARCH (SURE, 2021)196391Office of ResearchFlint Campus
04/05/2021Student Preschool Classroom Assistant (Student Temp)196140Dbn CEHHS-Early Child EducDearborn Campus
04/01/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP- 9C Inpatient Psychiatric Department196101MM UH CVC CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
04/01/2021STAFF NURSE TEMP- Central Staffing Resource Department (CSR) and University Hospital Operating Room196108MM UH CVC CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
03/11/2021STUDENT COORD II - FINANCIAL AID (TEMP)195242Law SchoolAnn Arbor Campus
02/22/2021RECREATION ASST I (TEMP)194564Dbn Athletics & RecreationDearborn Campus
02/04/2021PROGRAM ASST (TEMP)193978Dbn Dean of StudentsDearborn Campus
01/28/2021CUSTODIAN I (TEMP)193742Flint Facilities & OperationsFlint Campus
01/15/2021TUTOR II (STUDENT TEMP) Assistant to Supervisor for Natural Sciences Supplemental Instruction193405Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
12/14/2020RES ASSOC II (TEMP)192451PHARMACY Pharmaceutical SciAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2020TUTOR I (STUDENT TEMP)191866Dbn Col of Bus-Mgmt StudiesDearborn Campus
10/15/2020Lead Teacher (Temp)190442Dbn CEHHS-Early Child EducDearborn Campus
10/02/2020LABORER GENERAL (TEMP)189935HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsAnn Arbor Campus
10/02/2020Office Assistant (Temp)189934HR Recruiting & Emplymnt SrvcsMultiple Locations
09/18/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)189542School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
08/06/2019Course Advocate176462Center for Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
07/18/2019TEMPORARY Clinical Pharmacist175409MM Pharmacy AdministrationMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
07/01/2019RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)174524MM Comp Med and BioinformaticsAnn Arbor Campus

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