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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
07/26/2021Desktop Support Specialist Senior201320Flint ITSFlint Campus
07/26/2021UNIX Systems Admin Senior201527Flint ITSFlint Campus
07/23/2021CLERK B (WORK STUDY ONLY)201327Flint VC for Univ AdvancementFlint Campus
07/23/2021ASST IN RESEARCH (TEMP)197184Office of Economic DevelopmentFlint Campus
07/22/2021International Admissions Recruiter201022Flint International AdmissionsFlint Campus
07/21/2021CLERK B (WORK STUDY / TEMP)201120Flint ECDCFlint Campus
07/21/2021Supplemental Instruction Leader (Temp) Tutor III201138Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
07/21/2021Graduate Student Ambassador (TEMP)199703Flint Assoc Provost - GradFlint Campus
07/21/2021Equity / Civil Rights Investigator and Deputy Title IX Coordinator201295Flint Equity,CvlRight,Title IXFlint Campus
07/21/2021Evaluator201251Flint RegistrarFlint Campus
07/21/2021Resident Advisor Fall 2021201035Flint 1st Street ResidenceFlint Campus
07/21/2021INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE - PSY 319 or PSY 322 - (TEMPORARY)201311Flint PsychologyFlint Campus
07/21/2021ECDC TEACHER ASSISTANT (TEMP)201117Flint ECDCFlint Campus
07/21/2021Field Liaison (TEMP)199184Flint Social WorkFlint Campus
07/20/2021ADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURER - NUR 330 / 331 (Fall 2021)197358Flint NursingFlint Campus
07/20/2021ADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURER - NUR 346 (Fall 2021)197354Flint NursingFlint Campus
07/20/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP) - Chemistry201092Flint Dept of Chem/BiochemFlint Campus
07/20/2021LEO Lecturer I - NUR 316 - Nursing Research (Fall 2021)200997Flint NursingFlint Campus
07/18/2021Intramural Sports Event Supervisor (TEMP)200963Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
07/18/2021Intramural Sports Official (TEMP)200961Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
07/16/2021CIT Recruiter and Academic Advisor200970Flint Innovation & Tech DeanFlint Campus
07/16/2021Data Security Analyst Intermediate200715Flint ITSFlint Campus
07/15/2021LEO Intermittent Lecturer -Physical Therapy-PTP 772198869Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
07/15/2021LEO Lecturer I (NUR 435 - clinical) - Fall 2021200772Flint NursingFlint Campus
07/15/2021App Programmer / Analyst Intermediate200732Flint ITSFlint Campus
07/13/2021RSP 300 LEO Lecturer I Fall 2021200557Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
07/13/2021LEO Lecturer I - NUR 410-Theory (Fall 2021)200653Flint NursingFlint Campus
07/12/2021Admissions Counselor200652Flint Admissions & RecruitmentFlint Campus
07/12/2021Chemistry Stockroom & Safety Intern197670Flint Dept of Chem/BiochemFlint Campus
07/12/2021ADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURER - NUR 250 (Fall 2021)200650Flint NursingFlint Campus
07/01/2021Front Desk Receptionist200189Flint Human ResourcesFlint Campus
06/24/2021TIPPED WORKER - BARTENDER199946Flint Conference & EventsFlint Campus
06/24/2021Exec Secretary to the Provost200053Flint ProvostFlint Campus
06/22/2021Fall 2021 Front Desk Assistant (TEMP)199621Flint Riverfront Residence HalFlint Campus
06/22/2021PREP ATTENDANT (TEMP)198784Flint BiologyFlint Campus
06/22/2021LAB ATTENDANT (TEMP)198789Flint BiologyFlint Campus
06/21/2021LAB ATTENDANT (TEMP)197398Flint Dept of Chem/BiochemFlint Campus
06/21/2021BIOLOGY LAB ATTENDANT - VIRTUAL (TEMP)198469Flint BiologyFlint Campus
06/17/2021Work-Study Office Assistant198050Flint Std Involvement & LdrshpFlint Campus
06/15/2021Doctor of Nurse Anesthesia Practice (DNAP) Clinical Assistant Professor199178Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
06/14/2021Rec Center Staff (TEMP)199133Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/14/2021Rec Center Lifeguard (TEMP)199136Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/11/2021UM Credit Union (TEMP) Student Member Service Representative199316Flint Northbank CenterFlint Campus
06/11/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP) - Art & Culture199183Flint Art & Art HistoryFlint Campus
06/08/2021Club Sports Event Supervisor (TEMP)198064Flint Health & Wellness SvcsFlint Campus
06/08/2021EBS SETUP WORKER198901Flint Conference & EventsFlint Campus
06/03/2021ADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURER - NUR 240 (Fall 2021)198474Flint NursingFlint Campus
05/26/2021App Programmer / Analyst Inter198271Flint VC for Enrollment MgmtFlint Campus
05/24/2021LEO Lecturer I - NUR 410 (Fall 2021)197657Flint NursingFlint Campus
05/19/2021Work-Study Student Leadership Assistant198055Flint Std Involvement & LdrshpFlint Campus
05/12/2021RESEARCH ASSOCIATE I (TEMP) - Urban Sustainability and Environmental Health Research Cluster197597Flint Office of Research & EcoFlint Campus
05/10/2021MSPA Tenure / Clinical Track Assistant / Associate Professor188989Flint Physician Asst ProgramFlint Campus
05/08/2021ADJUNCT CLINICAL LECTURER - NUR 335 / 336 (Fall 2021)197373Flint NursingFlint Campus
05/04/2021Tutor II (Temp)197467Flint Student Success CenterFlint Campus
04/27/2021ITS Technician (TEMP)196899Flint ITSFlint Campus
04/23/2021Dean School of Management196648Flint Management DeanFlint Campus
01/28/2021CUSTODIAN I (TEMP)193742Flint Facilities & OperationsFlint Campus

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