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How to Apply

A cover letter is required for consideration for this position and should be attached as the first page of your resume. The cover letter should address your specific interest in the position and outline skills and experience that directly relate to this position.

Job Summary

Department Summary

The Office of Student Conflict Resolution (OSCR) promotes a safe and scholarly community in which students navigate conflict in a peaceful, socially just, and self-reflexive manner. OSCR offers a spectrum of conflict resolution pathways that are educationally focused, student-driven, community-owned, and restorative in nature, which are adaptable to meet the needs of students.  The Office of Student Conflict Resolution provides comprehensive case management under the University of Michigan Policy and procedures on Student Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and Other Forms of Interpersonal Violence, including facilitation of adaptable resolution.

Job Summary

Starting salary may vary depending on qualifications, experience, and education of the selected candidate.

This position is a key part of OSCR’s work to Build Trust, Promote Justice, and Teach Peace using restorative practices. A successful candidate will embody the philosophies and principles of restorative justice, social justice, and conflict transformation.  A successful candidate will also have strong cultural competence and expertise in working with diverse populations with an emphasis on multicultural, LGBTQ, underrepresented and underserved populations.

This position is responsible for competent coordination and facilitation of all of OSCR’s pathways, with particular emphasis on facilitation and management of adaptable resolution as outlined in the University of Michigan Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and related student procedures.

Responsibilities include adaptable resolution facilitation and program management, education and outreach, case management, training, and interdepartmental and intradepartmental coordination. 


Adaptable Resolution Program Management (50%)

  • Leads the Adaptable Resolution program under the University of Michigan Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and related student procedures
  • Creates and implements a comprehensive education and outreach strategy to bring awareness to the campus community about Adaptable Resolution
  • Develops and implements evaluation and assessment tools to measure the efficacy of the program, analyzes results, and makes changes to programmatic implementation to increase program efficacy
  • Develops and maintains strong University partnerships, e.g. with the Title IX Coordinator and other staff members from the Office of Institutional Equity (OIE), the Office of General Counsel
    (OGC), the Sexual Assault Prevention and Awareness Center (SAPAC), and schools and colleges to ensure coordinated and comprehensive program delivery
  • Participates in and contributes to regular information sharing / case consultation meetings with OIE, OGC,  and other University staff
  • Manages annual programmatic operating budget and tracks revenue generated from external training opportunities
  • Supervises, trains, and advises graduate student staff, interns, practicum students, and/or volunteers
  • Recommends, develops, and implements policies, procedures, procedural enhancements, and service(s) for the Adaptable Resolution program
  • Works collaboratively with students, faculty, and staff to assess current issues and concerns within the University community and develop interventions, programs, workshops, and seminars to address them
  • Utilizes relevant theory, literature, research, best practices and approaches in the areas of restorative practices, trauma-informed and trauma-healing practices, conflict transformation, identity development, community building, and social justice to facilitate conflict resolution or transformation across a spectrum of resolution pathways
  • Works strategically with key divisional and institutional partners to further the peacebuilding mission of OSCR through increasingly collaborative partnerships
  • Advises members of the University community on OSCR processes, conflict resolution skills, and conflict management
  • Consults with broad cross-section of institutional and community stakeholders regarding Title IX matters at macro and micro levels
  • Maintains professional relationships and stays up-to-date on trends and developments on the national level with regard to implementing restorative practices for cases of campus student sexual misconduct
  • Provides consultation, guidance, and training to others on the national level who seek to implement restorative practices for student sexual misconduct on college campuses

Sexual Misconduct Case Management & Facilitation of Adaptable Resolution (40%)

  • Develops and evaluates, in concert with University stakeholders, educational processes rooted in restorative justice and social justice philosophies that accomplish the University’s Title IX obligations
  • Provides direct comprehensive case management services to Complainants and Respondents using restorative practices and knowledge of relevant institutional policies and procedures
  • Assesses requests for Adaptable Resolution, conducts intake meetings, facilitates processes, and assists in the drafting of resolution agreements as outlined in the University of Michigan Policy on Sexual and Gender-Based Misconduct and related student procedures
  • Compares and evaluates possible courses of action for current cases, makes decisions on case management, and designs and implements Adaptable Resolution processes using restorative approaches while effectively honoring the interests of all parties, in addition to the University’s Title IX obligations 
  • Facilitates appropriate educational and restorative interventions consistent with Student Life and OSCR learning outcomes
  • Manages adaptable resolution processes, monitors for timely completion of sanctions / educational measures reached through voluntary agreement
  • Utilizes effective communication techniques to guide and support students, staff, faculty, advisors, and parents as necessary in navigating policies, procedures and resources
  • Works with highly sensitive, protected information with discretion and good judgment to maintain student confidentiality and attend to institutional risk-management concerns
  • Maintains and advances individual and collective knowledge and awareness of federal and state guidance and regulations relevant to student affairs case management, Clery, Title IX, and other relevant laws and regulations; also stays apprised of current trends with regards to utilizing restorative practices
  • Refers and actively connects students to appropriate campus and community resources as appropriate

OSCR Infrastructure & Support (10%)

  • Complies with, and educates others on, regulations and laws related to the work of OSCR, including the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), the Clery Act, and Title IX
  • Contributes to content creation for relevant websites
  • Recommends data-driven organizational changes while assisting in the development of a comprehensive annual report for OSCR services
  • Assists in the planning and execution of annual training events, including yearly staff training, weekly in-services, and the annual Arbiter (formal conflict resolution) Training
  • Performs other duties as assigned in support of the Office of Student Conflict Resolution
  • Participates in and contributes to regular information sharing / case consultation meetings with fellow OSCR staff
  • Provides input toward the collection, analysis and use of data for decision making
  • Develops and maintains collaborative relationships with other OSCR team members
  • Serves as an OSCR representative at outreach activities
  • Participates in unit, divisional, and/or University-wide committees, groups, and/or initiatives to further the collective work of the unit and division
  • Contributes to regular OSCR staff meetings

Required Qualifications*

  • Bachelor's degree with evidence of related skill area
  • 3 to 5 years of experience directly related to basic functions of position
  • Client/student support experience related to sexual misconduct and/or trauma
  • Content and facilitation expertise in restorative practices, conflict transformation, student development, community engagement, and/or related fields
  • Experience working with diverse communities in culturally competent ways

Desired Qualifications*

  • Master's degree with evidence of related skill area
  • Previous experience in conflict resolution, alternative & adaptable resolution, restorative justice practices, and Title IX case management
  • Previous training in the field of student conduct
  • Previous experience utilizing the Advocate student conduct database system
  • Knowledge of budget management
  • Advanced educational work focused on trauma-informed interpersonal facilitation / case management
  • Broad-based knowledge of and experience working with diverse populations with an emphasis on multicultural, LGBTQ, underrepresented and underserved populations
  • Experience facilitating dialogues, restorative practices, and/or other processes using multipartiality
  • Experience developing, implementing, and engaging in trauma-informed practices within programmatic processes
  • Nuanced understanding of the various forms of sexual misconduct (stalking, intimate-partner violence, sexual assault, gender-based harassment, and sexual harassment), and the dynamics contributing to the perpetration of violence
  • Experience creating and leading student experiential programs or processes for/with college students 
  • Advanced knowledge of campus-based diversity and inclusion issues, and direct experience working on diversity, equity, and inclusion issues on a college or university campus
  • Ability to develop and implement effective assessment and reporting strategies
  • Strong organizational, time management, problem-solving, and administrative skills

Additional Information

Position Criteria:

  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Strong organization and program design skills
  • Demonstrated ability to accomplish tasks autonomously and efficiently
  • Demonstrated ability to establish priorities and exercise sound decision-making
  • Demonstrated commitment to contribute to a diverse environment of colleagues and students representing diverse populations (e.g. nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ability, class, and other social identities) 
  • Demonstrated familiarity with computers and software, and the ability to effectively integrate technology into service delivery
  • Ability to set expectations and achieve results while contributing to the harmony of a team
  • Demonstrated commitment to promoting the highest standards of the profession in accordance with the principles, ethics, standards, and established good practices in Student Affairs

Financial/Budgetary Responsibility

  • Directly responsible for annual operating budget
  • Track revenue generated from external trainings and consulting engagements
  • Regularly track expenses for program management, student staff, and/or other expenditures
  • Reconcile p-card expenses

Working conditions

Requires some evening or weekend hours. Position requires working with students through stressful, tense and/or emotionally challenging situations and circumstances, and addressing issues of power, privilege, and oppression.

Physical requirements

Requires regular administrative work in a typical office setting.


This role may have reporting obligations under Title IX and Clery.



U-M EEO/AA Statement

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.