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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
07/22/2021Admin Manager Inter Healthcare201259MM Neurology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
07/20/2021Alumni Education & Digital Events Assistant201224Alumni AssociationAnn Arbor Campus
06/25/2021Marketing Specialist199977Center for Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
07/09/2021Human Resources Director200673Library Deans Office - HRAnn Arbor Campus
07/21/2021Info Resources Assoc Supr201316Law LibraryAnn Arbor Campus
07/16/2021Graduate and Postdoctoral Program Coordinator201088MM Cell & Developmntl BiologyAnn Arbor Campus
07/19/2021Community Partnerships Manager201157LSA UG: OptiMizeAnn Arbor Campus
07/19/2021Coordinator, Paton Accounting Center201137ROSS SCH Paton Accounting CntrAnn Arbor Campus
07/27/2021Copywriter201572ROSS SCH MKTG & COMAnn Arbor Campus
07/14/2021External Engagement Coordinator199769Mechanical EngineeringAnn Arbor Campus
07/19/2021External Grants Coordinator201132LSA International InstituteAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021DISCO Administrative Assistant201422LSA Digital Studies InstituteAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021ERP Business Analyst Intermediate201443ITS Enterprise App SvcsAnn Arbor Campus
07/30/2021Database Administrator Intermediate201833ITS IQ Information QuestAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021Development Generalist201701School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
07/20/2021Product Manager201231Alumni AssociationAnn Arbor Campus
06/30/2021Product Marketing Manager200193ICPSR - Membership and CommuniAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021Performing Arts Technology Studio Coordinator201160School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
07/19/2021Purchasing Clerk Intermediate201168LSA Finance: ProcurementAnn Arbor Campus
07/29/2021Student Administration Assistant Associate201670LSA UG: Lloyd Scholars- W&AAnn Arbor Campus
07/27/2021Temp Program Coordinator201577Central AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
07/02/2021Stewardship Officer Presidential Acknowledgments200389OUD Stewardship & Donor Rels.Ann Arbor Campus
07/22/2021Content Specialist199857DPSS STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONSAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021Admin Assistant Senior Healthcare200564MM Neurology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
07/20/2021Social Media and Content Specialist201194SPHDO-Marketing & CommunicatioAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021Writer / Editor201391ROSS SCH MKTG & COMAnn Arbor Campus
07/20/2021Executive Assistant Assoc Hlth201213MM Wellness OfficeAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021Faculty Development Administrative Coordinator201651MM Faculty DevelopmentAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021Faculty Development Coordinator201650MM Faculty DevelopmentAnn Arbor Campus
07/13/2021Graduate Recruiting and Admissions Coordinator200856Taubman College AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021Transportation Intermediate Supervisor199939Transportation ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
07/21/2021Travel Program Coordinator201252Alumni AssociationAnn Arbor Campus
07/22/2021Admissions Advisor, One Year Master's Programs199571ROSS SCH One-Year Master's ProAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021Admissions Assistant Director - Detroit Office201439OUA Recruitment AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021ECE Master's Program Coordinator200381COE EECS - ECE DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021Public Relations Specialist Senior / Intermediate201394School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
07/30/2021Executive Secretary201823Biomedical EngineeringAnn Arbor Campus
06/25/2021Course Operations Specialist200022Center for Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
07/01/2021Course Operations Specialist for Programming Courses200184Center for Academic InnovationAnn Arbor Campus
07/30/2021Data Scientist Intermediate201814ITS IQ Information QuestAnn Arbor Campus
07/20/2021Equity Specialist201201Office of Institutional EquityAnn Arbor Campus
07/22/2021Administrative Specialist201390Taubman College AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
07/20/2021Director of Communications201230Alumni AssociationAnn Arbor Campus
07/29/2021Admin Specialist Senior Health201640MM Rogel Cancer CenterAnn Arbor Campus
07/09/2021NERRS Collaboration Specialist200421Graham Sustainability Inst.Ann Arbor Campus
07/21/2021Marketing and Digital Strategy Lead201267SPHDO-Marketing & CommunicatioAnn Arbor Campus
07/30/2021EER Program Coordinator201749COE EECS - ECE DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
07/29/2021Admin Asst Sr Healthcare / Admin Asst Intermediate201718MM Ophthal. & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
04/16/2021PROFESSOR of Racial Justice in Science and Technology Policy196622G. Ford Sc Pub PolAnn Arbor Campus
07/29/2021RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)201743MM General PediatricsAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021Rackham Student Administration Assistant Associate201412Rackham Adm, Acad Rec, & DisstAnn Arbor Campus
07/22/2021Clinical Subjects Coordinator201345MM O-CTSU Stdy Coordinatr ClinAnn Arbor Campus
07/22/2021Internal Communications Specialist201367DPSS STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONSAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021Research Security Officer, Office of the Vice President for Research201438UMOR Office of VP for ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
07/11/2021Diversity Equity Inclusion Manager199278MM Psychiatry Depression CntrAnn Arbor Campus
07/19/2021Third-Party Billing Specialist201093FinOps Student Bus OpsAnn Arbor Campus
07/14/2021Administrative Assistant Intermediate200964School of NursingAnn Arbor Campus
07/27/2021Administrative Assistant Intermediate201523Navy Officer Education ProgramAnn Arbor Campus
06/15/2021Visiting Professor of Practice199561Sch for Environ and SustainAnn Arbor Campus
07/23/2021Managing Director, Sanger Leadership Center201214ROSS SCH Sanger Leadership CtrAnn Arbor Campus
02/02/2021Clinical Assistant Professor / Dermatologist191117MM Dermatology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
07/29/2021ADMIN ASST (TEMP)201699CoE Ctr Eng Divers & OutrchAnn Arbor Campus
07/13/2021Strategic Initiatives Manager200896Aerospace EngineeringAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021Administrative Assistant for the Music Education Department201697School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
07/07/2021TRAILS SEL Lead198178MM Psychiatry-ASAPAnn Arbor Campus
07/27/2021Assistant to the Chair201538Naval Arch & Marine DeptAnn Arbor Campus
04/29/2021RESEARCH FELLOW189063MM Otorhinolaryngology DprtmntAnn Arbor Campus
07/30/2021Administrative Assistant Senior / Intermediate Healthcare199267MM Int Med-GastroenterologyAnn Arbor Campus
07/26/2021Architecture Graduate Student Instructor positions at Taubman College201511ArchitectureAnn Arbor Campus
07/26/2021Research Administrator Senior / Intermediate I / Associate201504LSA Dean: FinanceAnn Arbor Campus
07/30/2021Associate Director for Research Administration201797School of Social WorkAnn Arbor Campus
07/06/2021Clinical Mental Health Coaching Consultant200357MM Psychiatry Depression CntrAnn Arbor Campus
07/28/2021Administrative Operations Coordinator201680Unions-AdministrationAnn Arbor Campus
07/14/2021Project Intermediate Manager200952SL Comm, Marketing & DesignAnn Arbor Campus
07/26/2021Research Area Specialist Lead201413MM eHail Btwn MiCHAMP &AI LabAnn Arbor Campus
07/19/2021Graduate Program Coordinator201167LSA History of ArtAnn Arbor Campus
07/22/2021Graduate Programs Manager199256CoE CFE Educational ProgramsAnn Arbor Campus
07/29/2021PROF MISC (TEMP)201728ROSS SCH Erb InstituteAnn Arbor Campus

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