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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
10/23/2020STAFF NURSE (TEMP)- University Hospital PACU190763UMH CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/23/2020Clinical Subjects Associate / Research Assist (TEMP)189629Emergency Medicine ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
10/22/2020COMP CONSULT II (TEMP)190215Flint Off of Extended LearningFlint Campus
10/22/2020PROGRAM ASST (TEMP)190708Dbn Dean of StudentsDearborn Campus
10/22/2020Math Learning Center TUTOR I (STUDENT TEMP)190595Dbn CASL-Math & StatisticsDearborn Campus
10/22/2020Physician Assistant (PA) (TEMP) Pediatric Surgery Service190599CW Peds Surg OR/FI CoverageMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/21/2020STAFF NURSE (TEMP)189794Ambulatory Care ServicesMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/21/2020PATIENT SERVICES ASST (TEMP)190625Int Med-Pulm./Critical CareAnn Arbor Campus
10/21/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)190665Neurology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
10/20/2020PATIENT CARE TECH (TEMP)190256UMH 6CMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/20/2020Michigan Telefund Fundraiser, Temporary190478Development - TelefundAnn Arbor Campus
10/20/2020NURSING ASST (TEMP)190254UMH 4AMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/20/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)190560LSA Organizational StudiesAnn Arbor Campus
10/19/2020WEB AND GRAPHIC DESIGNER (TEMP)190510School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
10/19/2020USER EXPERIENCE DESIGNER (TEMP)190507School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
10/19/2020RES ASSOC I (TEMP)190552Emergency Medicine ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
10/19/2020User Experience Researcher (TEMP)190503School of InformationAnn Arbor Campus
10/19/2020NURSING ASST (TEMP)190534UMH 5CMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/19/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)190480Nutritional SciencesAnn Arbor Campus
10/15/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)190401Psychiatry-ASAPAnn Arbor Campus
10/14/2020TUTOR II (TEMP) Engineering Courses190381Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
10/14/2020ALLD HLTH TECH SPE (TEMP)190405UMH CVC - Diagnostic VascularMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/13/2020Research Assistant / Coder190373LSA PsychologyAnn Arbor Campus
10/12/2020GRADER II (TEMP)190279ROSS SCH Management & Orgs.Ann Arbor Campus
10/12/2020TUTOR II (TEMP) Fall 2020 HCR 206190166Flint Dept Pub Hlth & Hlth SciFlint Campus
10/09/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)190216Psych Substance AbuseAnn Arbor Campus
10/08/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)190197Obstetrics and Gynecology DeptAnn Arbor Campus
10/06/2020Spanish Tutors-Kochoff Foreign Language Media Lab (Student Temp)190087Dbn-Language Culture CommunctnDearborn Campus
10/06/2020INSTRUCTIONAL AIDE (TEMP) - Engineering189911Flint EngineeringFlint Campus
10/06/2020WRITER for The M-Times (TEMP)190027Flint Sponsored Student OrgFlint Campus
10/06/2020Student Preschool Classroom Assistant (Student Temp)190105Dbn CEHHS-Early Child EducDearborn Campus
10/02/2020STAFF NURSE (TEMP) (Central Staffing Resource Department Specialty Cluster, Adult Emergency Services)189992UMH CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
10/02/2020SIMULATED PAT INST (TEMP)159806DENT Pre-Doctoral StudiesAnn Arbor Campus
10/01/2020RESIDENT ADVISOR Fall 2021189699Flint 1st Street ResidenceFlint Campus
09/29/2020LAB ASST-CLINICAL PT DEPT (TEMP)189854Flint Physical TherapyFlint Campus
09/23/2020Chemistry Laboratory Assistant (TEMP)189659Dbn CASL-Physical SciencesDearborn Campus
09/23/2020Biology Laboratory Assistant (TEMP)189654Dbn CASL-Biological SciencesDearborn Campus
09/21/2020TUTOR II (TEMP) College of Business Courses189164Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
09/21/2020TUTOR II (TEMP) Natural Sciences189348Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
09/21/2020STAFF NURSE TEMP- Mott PACU189600CW CSR PedsMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
09/18/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)189542School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
09/17/2020Student Program Assistant, Social Media & Outreach189457Dbn Office of Student LifeDearborn Campus
09/14/2020TUTOR II (TEMP) CASL Courses (Non Science Based Courses)189347Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
09/08/2020TUTOR II (TEMP) CEHHS Courses189163Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus
09/04/2020GUARD (TEMP)188916Flint SafetyFlint Campus
09/01/2020Field Liaison (TEMP)187900Flint Social WorkFlint Campus
08/31/2020PHARMACY TECH I (TEMP)--Research Pharmacy188956Research PharmacyMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
08/28/2020STAFF NURSE TEMP- Central Staffing Resource Department (CSR) and University Hospital Operating Room188943UMH CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
08/28/2020STAFF NURSE TEMP- Diagnostic Radiology and Recovery188931UMH CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
08/28/2020TRANSIT COACH OPER (TEMP)188908Transportation ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
08/27/2020ASST IN RESEARCH (UROP) - FALL 2020188692Office of ResearchFlint Campus
08/26/2020STAFF NURSE TEMP (Central Staffing Resources Specialty Cluster, Cardiovascular Center - OR)188866UMH CSR AdultMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
08/21/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)188309Flint BiologyFlint Campus
07/29/2020Food Service Associate Supervisor (TEMP)187881UMS PFANS Special ProjectMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
07/28/2020RESEARCH ASST II (TEMP)187841Epidemiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
04/06/2020LABORATORY ASST (TEMP)183753Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
08/06/2019Course Advocate176462CAI - OperationsAnn Arbor Campus
07/18/2019TEMPORARY Clinical Pharmacist175409UMH Pharmacy AdministrationMichigan Medicine - Health Sys

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