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Date PostedPosting TitleJob Opening IDDepartmentWork Location
01/14/2021Administrative Manager Associate / Intermediate Healthcare193302MM GSA - Administrtn (GSA/ADM)Ann Arbor Campus
01/04/2021Assistant to the Chair192746LSA Germanic Languages & Lit.Ann Arbor Campus
01/21/2021ASSISTANT / ASSOCIATE / FULL PROFESSOR193445Civil & Environmental EngrAnn Arbor Campus
01/15/2021ASST RES SCIENTIST193348LSA PsychologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/20/2021Business Administrator193473LSA UG: Student Acad. AffairsAnn Arbor Campus
01/21/2021Career Services Coordinator193502SEAS Office of Academic PrgmsAnn Arbor Campus
01/15/2021CLINICAL CARE COORDINATOR: Ambulatory Care Services (MOHS Clinic)193377MM Dermatology-TechMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/19/2021Clinical Informatics Specialist193478MM Quality - CQ AdminMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/04/2021CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST (CNS) Cardiovascular Center- CVC5, Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit192930MM UH CVC CVC5-ICUMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/08/2021CLINICAL NURSE SPECIALIST (CNS) Multiple Units: Bone Marrow Transplant / Adult Surgical Oncology / Hematology & Oncology192965MM UH CVC Nsg Surg AdminMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/13/2021Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth190470DENT OM Surgery/HDAnn Arbor Campus
01/21/2021Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth192256MM TC AdministrationMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/06/2021Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth193039MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/11/2021Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth193167MM Research-Clin Trial UnitsAnn Arbor Campus
01/12/2021Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth193202MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/14/2021Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth193325MM Research-Clin Trial UnitsAnn Arbor Campus
01/19/2021Clinical Res Coordinator Hlth193461MM O-CTSU Study Coord LAPSAnn Arbor Campus
01/04/2021Clinical Research Coordinator Healthcare (Term-Limited)191339MM Anesthesiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
01/06/2021Clinical Subjects Coordinator188043MM Psych Substance AbuseAnn Arbor Campus
01/15/2021Clinical Subjects Coordinator193337MM Ophthal. & Visual ScienceAnn Arbor Campus
01/08/2021Communications Specialist Sr. for Labor Relations193096MM Human ResourcesMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/15/2021CSP Administrative Assistant Sr193340LSA UG: Comprehensive StudiesAnn Arbor Campus
11/02/2020DEAN, School of Education and Human Services191084Flint Sch of Ed and Human SvcsFlint Campus
10/19/2020Director of University Admissions190448Flint VC for Enrollment MgmtFlint Campus
12/16/2020ECE Software Engineer Intermediate192363COE EECS - ECE DivisionAnn Arbor Campus
01/21/2021EKG Technician193041MM Ekogram TechnicalMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/13/2021Embryologist191392MM OB/GYN Repro Endo TechMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/08/2021EShop Specialist193083LSA ChemistryAnn Arbor Campus
01/15/2021Faculty Appointment and Promotion Specialist193357MM Faculty AffairsAnn Arbor Campus
11/20/2020Full Research Scientist / Assoc. / Asst.191669Transportation Research Inst.Ann Arbor Campus
01/13/2021GRAD STU INSTR193241Dbn College of BusinessDearborn Campus
01/14/2021Grad Student Temporary Program Assistants193296Rackham Recruitment & EngmntAnn Arbor Campus
01/14/2021Grad Student Temporary Program Assistants - Rackham Summer Programs193283Rackham Recruitment & EngmntAnn Arbor Campus
01/08/2021Instructional Learning Senior: Video Specialist193093LSA UG: Language Resource Ctr.Ann Arbor Campus
01/15/2021Instructional Support Position (ISS)193380ROSS SCH Part-Time MBA ProgramAnn Arbor Campus
10/15/2020Lead Teacher (Temp)190442Dbn CEHHS-Early Child EducDearborn Campus
04/25/2019LEO Intermittent Lecturer89283School of Social WorkAnn Arbor Campus
01/08/2021Medical Assistant / Associate193133MM CVC ClinicMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
12/04/2020Microscopy Core Managing Director192107MM BRCF Microscopy & ImagingAnn Arbor Campus
01/19/2021Patient Services Assistant193454MM CW Adult BMT & Leuke. ClinMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/18/2021Patient Services Associate188653MM CC Float PoolMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/18/2021Patient Services Associate / Assistant191999MM Maize Cancer CenterMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/06/2021Postdoctoral Fellow, Mass Spectrometry based Metabolomics191613MM Int Med-NephrologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2020Professor / Associate Professor in Exercise and Oncology191692School of KinesiologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/21/2021Professor / Associate Professor / Assistant Professor193507Industrial & Operations EnginAnn Arbor Campus
12/29/2020Program Manager MOQC192899MM CC-MOQC-BCBSM ProjectMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/18/2021REGISTERED NURSE (Taubman Center, West Ann Arbor, BCSC - Adult Infusion and ADTU)193430MM Taubman InfusionMichigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/13/2021Release of Information (ROI) and Privacy Specialist Senior193008MM Rev Cycle (PTO)Michigan Medicine - Health Sys
01/18/2021RES ASSOC I (TEMP)193416MM Metabolism, Endo & DiabetesAnn Arbor Campus
01/12/2021Research Administration Assoc191876MM Kresge Hearing Resrch InstAnn Arbor Campus
12/23/2020Research Area Specialist Inter190160MM Int Med-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/20/2021Research Area Specialist Senior193443Epidemiology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
09/18/2020RESEARCH ASST I (TEMP)189542School of Music,Theatre&DanceAnn Arbor Campus
01/12/2021Research Compliance Spec Inter193207MM Clin Research Billing UnitAnn Arbor Campus
01/06/2021Research Coordinator188034MM Psych Substance AbuseAnn Arbor Campus
01/06/2021Research Coordinator188160MM Psych Substance AbuseAnn Arbor Campus
06/25/2020RESEARCH FELLOW187058MM Comp Med and BioinformaticsAnn Arbor Campus
07/31/2020RESEARCH FELLOW187984MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
12/17/2020RESEARCH FELLOW189467MM Int Med-Pulm./Critical CareAnn Arbor Campus
09/23/2020RESEARCH FELLOW189660MM Int Med-Pulm./Critical CareAnn Arbor Campus
12/16/2020RESEARCH FELLOW192586MM Pharmacology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/21/2020RESEARCH FELLOW192652LSA StatisticsAnn Arbor Campus
01/04/2021RESEARCH FELLOW192821LSA PsychologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/06/2021RESEARCH FELLOW193052Transportation Research Inst.Ann Arbor Campus
01/08/2021RESEARCH FELLOW193101MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/13/2021RESEARCH FELLOW193263MM Peds-Pulmonary MedicineAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2020RESEARCH FELLOW / MRISE188326MM Emergency Medicine ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
12/03/2020RESEARCH FELLOW / MRISE188332MM Emergency Medicine ResearchAnn Arbor Campus
01/13/2021Research Lab Specialist Assoc191033MM GSA - Administrtn (GSA/ADM)Ann Arbor Campus
12/01/2020Research Lab Specialist Assoc191883MM Michigan Neuroscience InstAnn Arbor Campus
12/17/2020Research Lab Specialist Assoc192623MM BRCF Advanced Genomics CoreAnn Arbor Campus
01/15/2021Research Lab Specialist Assoc193205Life Sciences Institute-AdminAnn Arbor Campus
01/06/2021Research Lab Specialist Lead - NMR191658LSA ChemistryAnn Arbor Campus
01/21/2021Research Lab Specialist Senior / Intermediate193513MM Int Med-CardiologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/14/2021Research Lab Specialist, Associate193284MM Int Med-NephrologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/07/2021Research Lab Tech Associate / Intermediate193061MM Int Med-RheumatologyAnn Arbor Campus
01/11/2021Research Lab Tech Associate or Intermediate190875MM GSA - Administrtn (GSA/ADM)Ann Arbor Campus
01/20/2021Research Lab Tech Intermediate190786MM Neurology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
12/10/2020Research Laboratory Tech Assoc186923MM NeurosurgeryAnn Arbor Campus
11/24/2020Research Laboratory Tech Assoc191751MM Human Genetics DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
01/20/2021Research Laboratory Tech Assoc191964MM Neurology DepartmentAnn Arbor Campus
01/18/2021Research Laboratory Tech Intermediate193371MM Peds-Hematology/OncologyAnn Arbor Campus
09/23/2020Research Technician Senior189626LSA EconomicsAnn Arbor Campus
01/14/2021RESIDENT ADVISOR - Residential Life Leader - Rackham Summer Programs193291Rackham Recruitment & EngmntAnn Arbor Campus
01/21/2021Senior Instructional Consultant193433LSA Dean: TS Academic TechSvcsAnn Arbor Campus
01/20/2021Service Center Consultant Associate193466ITS SS Service CenterAnn Arbor Campus
01/12/2021Statistician Senior184262MM Int Med-NephrologyAnn Arbor Campus
11/30/2020STPP Postdoctoral Research Fellow191386G. Ford Sc Pub PolAnn Arbor Campus
12/16/2020Study Coordinator192212MM Psychiatry Child ServicesAnn Arbor Campus
01/07/2021TUTOR II (TEMP) CEHHS Courses193062Dbn Academic SuccessDearborn Campus

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