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Summary of html best practices

Navigation Features

  • Name of the website using the h1 element
  • Unique title on each web page using the h1 element
  • Headings (h2-h6) used to indicate major sections of the web resources
  • All form controls have associated text label elements
  • Data tables use caption, th, id attributes, header attributes to indicate headers for data cells
  • Link text indicates the target of link

Landmark Roles

  • banner: Header
  • main: Main content
  • search: Search
  • navigation: Navigation bar
    • The navigation landmark role is used to indicate navigation bars
  • contentinfo: Footer

Images and Graphics

  • Decorative images are included as background images
  • Informative images have alt text


  • Use CSS for styling text
  • Use CSS for layout and positioning content
  • Use sufficient color contrast for low-vision users to be able to read the page content.


  • No new windows are opened without notification of user through link text
  • All functionality is available through the keyboard