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Why Work at Michigan?

Being part of something greater, of serving a larger mission of discovery and care — that's the heart of what drives people to work at Michigan. In some way, great or small, every person here helps to advance this world-class institution. It's adding a purpose to your profession. Work at Michigan and become a victor for the greater good.

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A Great College to Work For

A great university is made so by its faculty and staff, and Michigan is recognized as one of the best universities to work for in the country. The Michigan culture is known for engaging faculty and staff in all facets of the university to create a workplace that is vibrant and stimulating.

The Chronicle of Higher Education consistently places U-M in its "Great Colleges to Work For" survey. In particular, the university earns high marks for strong relations between faculty and administrators, a collaborative system of governance, strong pay and benefits, and a healthy work-life balance.

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Workplace Culture


The University of Michigan has, as one of its core values, an abiding commitment to sustaining a community in which the dignity of every individual is respected. Key to this value are efforts to foster and nurture an environment of civility and mutual respect by preventing discrimination and harassment on our campuses.

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Michigan encourages a sense of community among all university faculty and staff by promoting and facilitating participation through regular dialogue between members of the university community and executive officers.

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The university is committed to a culture of good health by improving the health and quality of life for the U-M community through education, motivation and empowerment to help individuals make well-informed health care decisions and practice healthy behaviors. MHealthy, the university’s award-winning health and well-being program, offers programs and resources designed to help faculty and staff be their best—physically, mentally and emotionally.

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Work-Life Balance

The University of Michigan is committed to supporting a workplace that values balance between work responsibilities and personal lives. The Work-Life Resource Center (WLRC) is a starting point for the university community to learn about resources and tools to promote work-life balance. Its services include help in locating childcare and eldercare, educational programs, consultation on flexible scheduling and child care leaves of absence.

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Living in southeast Michigan

There's something special about living in southeast Michigan. Be it the distinct texture of living in diverse, culturally-rich communities, the innovative primary and secondary schools, or the tangible feeling of a region reinventing itself, southeast Michigan is an exceptional place to call home. A strong collaborative research initiative among higher education institutions, a burgeoning film industry, and a state that is committed to growth — these reasons and more give southeast Michigan a vibrant energy.

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